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Welcoming Winter Guests

As winter wraps its chilly embrace around us, school playgrounds may seem quieter, but there's a way to keep the buzz alive — even in the colder months. Introducing insect habitats to school playgrounds not only adds an educational twist but also provides a cosy retreat for tiny inhabitants. Let's explore why this week's Product of The Week is a fantastic addition to school playgrounds in winter and what elements can make them enticing for our multi-legged friends.

1. Winter Refuge:

Insect habitats act as winter sanctuaries, offering shelter for insects seeking protection from the elements. Even during the school year, these habitats become cosy homes for beetles, ladybugs, and other tiny residents.

2. Periodic Playground Check-up:

While relatively low maintenance, it's advisable to inspect the Bug Hotels periodically. This ensures it remains an inviting and functional space for both students and the tiny inhabitants.

3. Nature's Pest Control:

Incorporating insect-friendly spaces supports natural pest control. Ladybugs, for example, are known predators of aphids. This means the insect habitat becomes a tiny ally in maintaining a healthy and pest-resistant school environment.

4. Educational:

Bug Hotels offer endless educational opportunities. Students can observe and study the fascinating world of insects up close, linking classroom learning to hands-on experiences on the playground. You can also encourage students to document and share their observations about the insect habitat. This not only fosters a sense of responsibility but also spreads awareness about the importance of supporting local biodiversity and getting first-hand experience can foster an understanding of living organisms.

5. Diverse Materials:

When it comes to furnishing it, design your Bug Hotel with various spaces, accommodating different insects' needs. From small nooks for spiders and centipedes to larger sections for grasshoppers and ladybug gatherings. Ensure the insect habitats in your school playground incorporate a variety of materials. From logs and twigs to leaves and rocks, diverse textures and hiding spots attract a range of insect species, turning the playground into a biodiverse haven. Different materials will attract different types of bugs so having a wide range of materials will increase the range of insects that check into your Bug Hotel.


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