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5 Things To Do While Walking To School

A roadway sign for cars and traffic indicating children will be crossing the road as there is a school nearby

Walking to school doesn't have to be a mundane routine; it can be an exciting adventure that engages young minds and encourages physical activity. Here are 5 ways to make the journey more interesting for kids:


We’re going on a ‘bug’ hunt:

On your route to school, search for fascinating creep crawlies to engage children with the natural world! A bug hunt not only encourages curiosity and learning about insects but also helps children develop observational skills and an appreciation for the environment around them.

Story Chain:

Starting a story chain activity during the walk to school is an excellent way to engage children's imagination and literacy skills. The collaborative nature of the activity encourages creativity and allows children to build upon each other's ideas, fostering a sense of teamwork and shared storytelling experience. This simple yet impactful exercise not only makes the journey more enjoyable but also enhances their language abilities and storytelling proficiency in a fun and interactive way.


Scavenger Hunt:

Setting simple scavenger hunt tasks like finding the brightest yellow leaf, not only gets children to appreciate their surroundings but also have a fun and interactive activity to keep them engaged. In areas where natural elements may be limited, setting tasks like spotting a red car or identifying road signs can be as equally enjoyable and educational. These tasks not only make the walk more entertaining but also encourage observation skills and curiosity, turning the daily commute into a playful learning experience.

Variety in Routes:

Keep things fresh by varying the routes to school. Exploring different paths allows children to discover new things daily, preventing the walk from becoming monotonous. It's a simple way to make the journey visually stimulating, spark their curiosity and become more road aware.

Clean Up Crew:

Instil a sense of responsibility for the environment by turning the walk into a clean-up mission. Provide small bin bags and encourage children to pick up litter they come across. This not only contributes to a cleaner community but also imparts a valuable lesson about taking care of their surroundings and puts them in a positive frame by gaining a sense of accomplishment.


Turning a simple routine into an adventure can make a lasting impact on a child's overall development in well-being and an enthusiasm to learning.

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