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Cork Safety Surface

🍃 This renewable and natural material provides a safe and durable playground surface. 🍃
With its flat and shock absorbent surface, Corkeen guarantees full accessibility for children of all abilities.
Cork is the outer bark of the Cork Oak tree and is a material that retains CO2 upon its growth.
Harvested every 9 years the outer bark of the tree is removed, without any damage to the tree.
Cork safety surfacing is hypoallergenic and, even when exposed to high temperatures, does not release odors.
Cork Granules are mixed in a forced action mixer with the correct ratio of PU Binder and then poured into the area.

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Timber used in the fencing and play production is purchased only from those suppliers that are committed to the responsible management of sustainable forests.

Where possible we use wood from the Welsh forests to minimise the haulage. To maximise on our haulage efficiency, where possible those delivering raw material inwards also carry finished goods outwards to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

We encourage the recycling of our products and all by-products are further processed by secondary industries. The stripped bark is chipped and used in the landscape, horticultural and equestrian industries. All chip and sawdust is used in a local biomass plant that produces both electricity and heat.

100% Recycled and 100% Recyclable

We currently offer a range or Recycled Plastic products, such as planters and furniture. We can also make bespoke recycled items.


Using mixed UK-sourced plastic waste, we produce high performance products that are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

Plastics are produced entirely from waste plastic that would have been destined for UK landfill.

Recycled plastic benefits over timber…
- Stronger and more durable

- Maintenance free

- Uniform dimensions

- Consistent quality (no knots, splits or shakes)

- Less flammable

- UV and insect resistant

- Impervious to water

- Resistant to algae

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99% of all our HDPE waste material and off cuts are recycled and it's our policy to continue to recycle as much of our waste materials as possible in the future.

We are taking the initiative and offering you a service where you can send your old or damaged HDPE panels (only supplied by The Playground Company) back to our factory and we will ensure that this HDPE is recycled.

We use many recycled materials in our products, including recycled plastic posts, seat planks, post industrial recycled core sheets. We also have 100% post-consumer recycled plastic sheet materials available to order, and if it's not recycled it will most likely be recyclable.

Bonded Rubber Mulch Surfacing

Bonded Rubber Mulch is a natural looking play surface often described as rubber bark. It is an extremely durable and environmentally friendly safety surface that contains 100% recycled rubber mixed with resin.

Bonded Rubber Mulch surfacing is an economical alternative to wetpour surfacing and can be laid on to grass or existing hard standing surfaces such as tarmac, this reduces the cost as it requires minimal ground work preparation. 


The Playground Company Headquarters

We have become more and more environmentally friendly over the years, making constant changes to reduce our carbon footprint...

Our policy has been to reduce paperwork and printing by moving quoting systems, brochures and forms online, reducing paper waste and print production massively.

One of our newer steps is supplying fully electric company cars to our sales executives who travel across the UK daily, using no fuel, producing no emissions.

We are always looking for ways to improve, and offer a range of recycled and recyclable products which we are looking to expand!

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