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Nature Activity Pack

Keep little minds entertained while helping them learn about the natural world!

Help Find Their Homes

Nature Activity Pack_Page_03.jpg
Can you help find the right homes for all the wildlife?

Un-Scramble The Words

Nature Activity Pack_Page_05.jpg
Can you un-scramble these nature-themed words?

Spot The Difference

Spot The Difference_Page_1.jpg
Can you spot 5 differences?

Fill The Bug Hotel

Nature Activity Pack_Page_06.jpg
Draw in your wildlife-friendly items to fill your bug hotel

What Can You See?

Nature Activity Pack_Page_01.jpg
Take a look in your outdoor space and see how many different minibeasts you can find

Minibeast Word Search

Nature Activity Pack_Page_02.jpg
See how many words you can find in the word search

Design Your Own Butterfly

Design Your Own Butterfly.jpg
Create your own beautiful butterfly!

Get To The Bug Hotel

Get To The Bug Hotel.jpg
Help the bug find her way to the bug hotel!
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