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Product of the Week: Gazebos

Enhance your school playgrounds during the winter months with our Playground Gazebos. Designed for durability and versatility, these gazebos provide an ideal solution to combat the challenges posed by winter weather. Offering reliable weather protection, they shield children from cold winds and precipitation, ensuring outdoor activities can continue seamlessly.

The sturdy design guarantees that our gazebos withstand various weather conditions, making them a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing addition to any school playground. Their versatility shines through as they create adaptable spaces for outdoor lessons, group activities, or casual gatherings. Customisable features further tailor these structures to specific needs, ensuring they meet the unique requirements of each school; choosing from just the standard frame to adding a decked base and ramp and finishing the gazebo off with sides and windows making it fully personalised.

More Than Just A Shelter

Our gazebos foster a sense of community. Students can now gather comfortably, socialise, and engage in various activities without being hindered by cold weather. As the winter chill sets in, our bespoke gazebos become integral components of a vibrant and active school environment, proving that outdoor fun is not limited to fair weather.

Choose from two different sizes: a small version measuring 4.5 meters and a larger version measuring 5.5 meters. Our gazebos can comfortably accommodate anywhere from 20 to 50 children, depending on the size chosen. Invest in the perfect solution to transform your school playground into a versatile and engaging space, no matter the weather.


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