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How to welcome positivity into your playground and empower children...

Creating positive attitudes in young children can have a massive impact on their feelings of self-worth, confidence and actions towards others.

Creating a positive school and playground environment offers children a chance to be listened to, valued and supported, which may not always be the case outside of school.

Here at The Playground Company, our designers are keen develop a range of ‘Positive Play’ items for Schools and Nurseries which influence self-care, caring for others and preventing bullying.

“🦋 Welcome positivity into your playground with our 'Bee Positive' #PlaygroundMarking, recently installed at Warren Wood Primary School in #Stockport 🐝 #BePositive #BeKind

Do you want to get involved?

We challenge teachers and students to get involved and design your very own playground marking!

Our designers can draw up your design (maybe with a little tweaking) and turn them into a unique markings for your playground.

Coming soon…

Brand New Buddy Bench – Designed to get children discussing feelings at breaktimes…


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