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Choosing an outdoor classroom for your playground…

There are many ways to create an outdoor sheltered area to teach, even on a budget.

Outdoor Classroom

Here are three of our most popular outdoor Classroom products:

Playground Gazebo

Playground Gazebos

Playground Gazebos are outdoor shelters that seat a large capacity of children, ranging from 30 – 40 children dependent on the size. Gazebos are heavy duty, long lasting and can be designed in a way to suit your needs – with over 34 combinations!

If you would like a classroom that protects children from all elements, choose a gazebo with full sides and polycarbonate windows to provide all-year-round wind and rain protection. They can be installed with doors to ensure children only use the classroom when desired.

Choosing half sides allows children to shade themselves from the hot sun rays while enjoying the fresh breeze, as well as offering moderate wind protection in the autumn months. Half sides help to keep an eye on children at all times, especially if you want to shelter from the elements yourself on playground duty. ☔

Playground Classroom

Playground Pergolas

Playground Pergolas are designed to create a shaded area for children to relax, tell stories or to have outdoor lessons in the fresh air.

Pergolas come in a range of sizes and can be customised to fit different areas, they’re very versatile and can be installed with a decked base, seating and multiple teaching stations.

Pergolas are vibrant and eye-catching playground features, they also provide sensory elements by casting colourful shapes along the playground via the vibrant shade netting.

Outdoor Playground Classroom

Playground Canopies

Canopies and Shade Net Pergolas are similar... However, our canopies come with polycarbonate roofing for all year round sun and rain protection. Canopies can be converted into outdoor classrooms with cladded sides, polycarbonate windows, a decked base or artificial grass base, teaching stations and much more.

Our Design & Quote Service

When we visit you to discuss how you want to improve your outdoor learning provision, we will always try to figure out which of the above products will work best for you. All of our outdoor classrooms are bespoke built and can include multiple options to meet your needs and budget, so there is no restriction to what we can do.


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