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Highlands Primary School


This lovely fitness area installed at Highlands Primary School offers a wealth of engaging and inclusive activities! 🤗🤸‍♀️

The Children's Activ8 Multi-Gym is the first multi gym in our range designed to increase social interaction across the playground, increase the fun factor for outdoor exercise and reduce the space that is required to fit outside gym equipment. It can be used by up to eight users at any one time.

We ensure that all school fitness equipment is designed and installed with the same high safety standards as adult equipment. This includes our own unique safety stop system wherever there are moving parts, preventing moving parts from swinging / moving to far.

Though seemingly trivial, the labelling of the equipment is one of the most important safety features. The label shows how you can use the equipment safely and what benefits it will provide.

All of our labels are printed on stainless steel plaques – they are clearly visible on every piece of equipment.

We offer free training sessions for both pupils and staff.

We are one of just a few manufacturers who can pride ourselves on the fact that we have a system that works, meets the BS EN 16630:2015 standard, and also withstands heavy use over time.

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