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Tiered Window Planter

Tiered Planters allow you to keep plants separate, which is excellent for sensory gardens. One tier to taste, one to touch, one for smell and one for sight.
They also encourage healthy eating when growing fruit and veg.
Planters create a peaceful, safe space for children to relax, read and escape loud areas. Having a living thing to care for gives a sense of responsibility and gardening could be highly beneficial for people suffering from mental health issues.
They're also fantastic for attracting wildlife!

The window section enables children to discover how plants grow above and below the ground. Pupils can see the plant's root systems and enjoy spotting the creatures that live beneath the soil.
Worms or Ants can be a fascinating topic of study.

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Additional Information

Added tiers to keep plants separate


Suitable for all ages.


Available in various arrangements
Max 0.8m

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