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SEN Play Boat

All inclusive SEN Play Boat.

Play Boats create an opportunity for imaginative play in your playground. The SEN Play Boat has been designed with wheelchair access in mind, and a chalkboard and steering wheel targeting fine motor skills.
Peek through the dome windows into the ocean around you, steer the vast waves, drop the anchor to avoid the sharks below and draw a plan to find the hearty treasure on the chalkboard...

This unit is bespoke built on site by our team of extremely skilled joiners and made to fit your existing area. Constructed with play grade pressure treated timber.

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Additional Information

Features include:
Dome windows
HDPE flag & wheel
(Available in a range of Colours)


Available bespoke to suit a variety of age ranges.


Length: 5.1m
Width: 3m
Height: 3.4m
Available Bespoke

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