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Grass Grow Through Matting

Our grass mats are made using recycled materials, this means they're both eco-friendly and affordable.

While they retain the natural look of grass, they're popular as a neat, safe, durable, surfacing option, which is low maintenance and cost effective.

They're easily installed on flat or contoured ground and allow grass to grow through within just a few weeks of installation.

Not only are they suitable for areas prone to becoming wet/muddy, grass mats ensure both grass and land retention and help with erosion control.

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Additional Information

Our Grass mats have achieved a 2.25m Critical Fall Height when installed on a good grass base* and tested in accordance with British Standard BS EN 1177 (2018).
*The fall height achieved will vary. based on the condition and type of surface the mats are installed onto.




Length:1.50m Width:1.00m Height: 23mm

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