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Daisy Petal Drum

Our Daisy Drum sports a classic yellow center in the form of a babel drum, surrounded by white aluminum petals. Daisies are always sunny and cheerful and this petal drum with its happy notes will guarantee smiles.

Each ‘Petal Drum’ contains a small (10”/250mm) Babel Drum encased within specific shaped aluminum ‘petals’. The flower heads are securely mounted to a stainless-steel frame or ready to be wall-mounted and come supplied with soft, flexible mallets specifically designed to produce delightfully soft soothing tones.

Adding a hint of happy to any space, Petal Drums look and sound gorgeous on their own or with any combination of our instruments. A smart choice to quickly and simply add another dynamic to your outdoor space or playground.

The A-Minor Pentatonic scale is one of the most widely used scales of all and common in blues, pop, and rock music. It is easy to learn and essential when improvising in a blues style.
Like the resilient little flower, our Daisy Drum will brighten up the dullest mood
Soft mallets provided to produce gentle, ethereal sounds
Daisies symbolize new beginnings and innocence

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Suitable for all ages.


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