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Balloon Wheelchair Swing

Our Themed Wheelchair Play Swings are colourful, safe and robust, designed to give hours of pleasure to users restricted to wheelchair use.
The access ramp lifts up and locks to form a rear safety barrier.
The unit is recommended to be used in the presence of a parent/guardian/carer so their needs are adequately catered for.
A rope pull can be provided for supervised areas only allowing the user with limited, yet important participation in the swinging sensation.
For complete safety, colourful fencing & gates are available to safeguard other children from running into the path of the swing.

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Additional Information

Conforms to the European standards of EN1176 & RoSPA compliant


Able to accommodate a wide variety of wheelchair sizes & weights


Dimensions approx.
L: 2.3m
W: 2.5m
H: 2.4m
Sizes can be adjusted for specific customer requirements

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