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Like for Like Price Match

Proce Match 3.fw.png
If you already have a design from another company and want a competitive price for the same items, we provide a like-for-like service where we match designs and guarantee the best price available.
Our design team will carefully review the items listed in the quote and use our extensive range of products to closely match the items, taking into account the specific areas of learning and intended use. 
This service is specifically for like-for-like only, but we do provide competitive pricing for all our products and surfacing, ensuring we use only the highest quality long lasting materials. If you're dissatisfied with the total cost, we are happy to discuss any changes necessary to meet your needs within your budget.

T&C’s apply. This only applies to like for like quotes. If you find a lower price, we reserve the rights to decide if the products fit the criteria to be price matched. You must provide proof of the cheaper price which is satisfactory to The Playground Company. We reserve the right to withdraw this price match promotion at any time.

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