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How to make a school playground better?

A dull, uninspiring playground can leave children feeling unenthusiastic and demotivated. On the other hand, a good playground can inspire, energise and improve your students’ behaviour even encourage learning.

Building a safe, durable, exciting school playground environment can help improve the health and wellbeing of your students, staff and stakeholders. That’s why we aim to deliver exceptional service to all our customers.

From surface markings to sensory equipment, swings, and shade sails, there are plenty of ways to improve an existing playground. Here are a few of the best ways we know to improve your school playground.

Safe play

Safety is paramount when it comes to playgrounds. Outdoor play areas can be great places to test boundaries, get excited, and play with friends. Unsafe playgrounds, on the other hand, can be chaotic, disorderly and dangerous.

Playground surfaces play a huge role in their safety. Rubber mulch and wet pour surfacing help reduce slips and falls and are great for added protection under swings and slides. Zoning your playground into different areas, like ball games, climbing walls and quiet zones can help prevent activities from interfering with each other and improve overall safety.

Always refer to an experienced playground contractor when it comes to ensuring your outdoor area meets safety standards. Here at the Playground Company, we aim to set ourselves apart from our competition by being the best at what we do. We’ve built our reputation on this, and we will continue to set higher standards when it comes to safety.

Durable, varied, intelligent playground equipment

Playgrounds have lots of equipment which needs to be accessible to everyone. From sports, climbing, creativity, and roleplay equipment, there’s plenty to choose from. Shelters, play huts, dens, and shade sails can also improve your playground’s ability to keep children warm and dry in the winter.

There are also plenty of opportunities to integrate nature into your playground. Grow boxes, flower displays, small trees, and trellises can turn drab concrete and brick playgrounds into living spaces full of vibrant colours.

A good playground has to sustain year-round play. That means slip-resistant surfacing, self-draining capabilities and adequate shelter. Artificial grass can be used to brighten up an area without the risk of tracking in mud.

Great for play and learning

A good playground doesn’t need to be a break in the children’s learning. Sports marking, sensory areas and nature zones are perfect for promoting creativity, critical thinking and communication skills.

There are also storytelling circles, science tables, and weather measuring centres, as well as plant growing equipment, outdoor musical equipment, and more. Find out about how your children can learn while they play by giving us a call today.

Easy to maintain

Playgrounds in the UK have to be hardwearing. From thousands of hours of playtime to the full force of winter weather, playgrounds have to put up with a lot. If they don’t, they can quickly become dangerous. Playgrounds that fall into disrepair risk endangering users through things like broken or damaged equipment, degraded surfacing, uneven pathways, loose steps, and splintering wood.

At the Playground Company, we combine years of experience, passion, and skill to deliver high-quality, long-lasting, and hardwearing playgrounds to schools, playgroups, and nurseries across the UK. Find out more about how we can help you upgrade, update, and improve your playground by contacting the team today.