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Benefits of a Playground Roadway

Choosing a theme for your playground to inspire role play, education and fun...

Instead of having a standard pathway, why not have a theme... Roadways can be used to connect playground 'zones'. Why walk to the storytelling area, when you can zoom there!

Road Safety Activities

One huge benefit of having a road themed playground is teaching children road safety activities. Showing children from a young age how to stay safe on roads is massively important in order to keep them safe outside and around school grounds.

Putting these practices to use every playtime will remind children of the importance of road safety. #StopLookListen

Role Play

Children love to role play, copying activities that adults do on a day-to-day basis.

With bicycles or simply imagination, children can 'drive' on the roadway, navigating roundabouts and road signs, helping children to understand the behaviour of vehicles, cyclists and road users. Or, it could be a super large race track for toy cars to jump through a fiery hoop... Whatever they fancy!

What can I put with a playground roadway?

If you plan for the children to use bikes and scooters, adding additional levels will add an extra element of fun. Using bridges, balance beams or a combination of surfacing can spice up your flat surface.

Incorporating other themes such as beaches, ponds, or lava, allows children to create their own games, further developing social and communication skills. Afterall, who hasn't driven on a road above shark infested water?


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