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EYFS Activity Sheets

Explore our range of early years resources - all free to download!
These worksheets are created with the 7 Areas of Learning and Characteristics of Effective Learning in mind, helping to aid children's development and preparing them for primary school.

All About Me


This is a great way to find out more about children, their background and their interests

Ladybird Maze

Help the Bug Get Home.jpg

Practise fine motor skills and pen control by drawing a path for the ladybird to follow to get home

Letter Formation

Letter Formation_Page_1.jpg
Letter Formation_Page_2.jpg
Letter Formation_Page_3.jpg

Help children practise their fine motor skills, pen control and letter formation by following the shape of the letters

"How do you feel?" Cards

Emotion Cards_Page_2.jpg
Emotion Cards_Page_1.jpg

Encourage children to talk about how they are feeling and take part in activities where they can talk about emotions

Colour Mixing

Colour Matching_Page_2.jpg
Colour Matching_Page_1.jpg

Children can explore colours and colour mixing by matching the different potion bottles to the correct colour they make when mixed together 

Label The Pirate Ship


Can you label the parts of the ship from the list?

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