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EYFS Activity Sheets

Explore our range of early years resources - all free to download!
These worksheets are created with the 7 Areas of Learning and Characteristics of Effective Learning in mind, helping to aid children's development and preparing them for primary school.

All About Me


This is a great way to find out more about children, their background and their interests

Ladybird Maze

Help the Bug Get Home.jpg

Practise fine motor skills and pen control by drawing a path for the ladybird to follow to get home

Letter Formation

Letter Formation_Page_1.jpg
Letter Formation_Page_2.jpg
Letter Formation_Page_3.jpg

Help children practise their fine motor skills, pen control and letter formation by following the shape of the letters

"How do you feel?" Cards

Emotion Cards_Page_2.jpg
Emotion Cards_Page_1.jpg

Encourage children to talk about how they are feeling and take part in activities where they can talk about emotions

Colour Mixing

Colour Matching_Page_2.jpg
Colour Matching_Page_1.jpg

Children can explore colours and colour mixing by matching the different potion bottles to the correct colour they make when mixed together 

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