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Polymeric Sports Surfacing

Different colours and line markings options are available.

Our Polymeric Sports Surfacing is an ideal solution for facilities that want to maximise available space to cover a wide range of outdoor sports, and requires minimal maintenance in the long term.

The polymeric sports surfacing is composed of rubber granules bound with polyurethane, which can be left untreated for maximum economy.

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Additional Information

Options: Type 4 Polymeric Sports Surfacing or Type 3 Polymeric Sports Surfacing.
Incredibly versatile as it can be used for a variety of sports such as football, hockey and netball to name a few.
Impact absorbing surface – helps reduce impact on joints when playing sports.
Low maintenance – polymeric surfaces can last many years without the need for respraying or maintenance.
Suitable for all weather types due to porous surface that effectively drains away rain water.


All ages



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