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Inclusive Swing

*Steel Frame Available*
An inclusive seat on your playground swing is a crucial addition that allows children with disabilities to be safely strapped in and enjoy the playground fun.
This specialised seat provides the necessary support and security, enabling children with physical challenges to experience the joy and excitement of swinging alongside their peers. By incorporating inclusive seating, playgrounds become more accessible and welcoming, fostering an environment where all children can participate and play together. This not only enhances the social and emotional development of children with disabilities but also promotes empathy, understanding, and friendships among all playground users.

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Additional Information

Inclusive Seats With Harness




Length: 2.8m
Width: 1.7m
Height: 2.5m
Critical Fall Height: 1.4m
Surfacing Required: 12.6m²
Minimum Space: 2.8m x 7m

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