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Cradle Swings

*Steel Frame Available*
Cradle seats on swings provide a safe and secure swinging experience for young children.
The high back and supportive sides ensure that even the smallest and most wiggly children are safely contained, giving parents and caregivers peace of mind. With safety bars, cradle seats keep children securely in while they enjoy the thrill of swinging. This safety feature allows young children to experience the fun of swinging at an early age, promoting physical activity, coordination, and balance in a secure environment.

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Additional Information

All of our swings seats can be combined accordingly to suit your requirements.


Dependent on seat type


Double Frame Dimensions:
Length: 3.6m
Width: 1.7m
Height: 2.5m
Critical Fall Height: 1.4m
Surfacing Required: 20m²
Minimum Space: 3.6m x 7m

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