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Cork Safety Surface

🍃 This renewable and natural material provides a safe and durable playground surface. 🍃
With its flat and shock absorbent surface, Corkeen guarantees full accessibility for children of all abilities.
Cork is the outer bark of the Cork Oak tree and is a material that retains CO2 upon its growth.
Harvested every 9 years the outer bark of the tree is removed, without any damage to the tree.
Cork safety surfacing is hypoallergenic and, even when exposed to high temperatures, does not release odors.
Cork Granules are mixed in a forced action mixer with the correct ratio of PU Binder and then poured into the area.

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Additional Information

The mix is then screeded and trowelled to the correct level. Requires an 16mm clean limestone base as a minimum. In a 40 mm thickness, 25 mm base layer and 15 mm top layer.


All ages


Fall Height Max.
2.8m at 130mm depth

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