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3G In-Fill Sports Grass

Our 3G Infill Turf is 40-65mm in height, is filled with specialist sand and topped with rubber crumb granules, designed to replicate the best quality natural turf in both aesthetics and playability.
This advanced infill system supports the blades, providing consistent ball bounce and significantly reducing the risk of player injuries and abrasions that were common with earlier versions of astroturf.
Approved by FIFA and accepted by major governing bodies for competition-level matches, this state-of-the-art surface ensures a safe and high-performance playing environment.

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Additional Information

Silica Sand:
Stabilises and supports the system. Environmentally beneficial. Accounts for 70% of total infill weight.

Rubber Granule:
Provides a softer surface and gives bounce. Rounded granules resist floating or displacement in high-use areas. Environmentally beneficial. Accounts for 30% of total infill weight.




We have a range of 3G In fills, contact us for more information.

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