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Multi Use Games Area

MUGA's are becoming more and more popular in schools and nurseries across the UK... Who wouldn't want the perfect pitch come rain or shine? MUGA's are a fantastic way to develop key skills🤸‍♀️ Introducing children to regular exercise at an early age helps stimulate interest in a fun way. It also increases the chances that they will incorporate exercise into a healthy lifestyle as they get older.

Our Multi Use Games Areas are usable 365 days a year without the huge maintenance costs. It also provides an improved performance and significant savings on maintenance! Increased durability and an even playing surface means less chance off injury as opposed to grass that gets torn up and eventually turns into vast patches of slippery mud.

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What's included in our Classic MUGA?

Our popular ‘Classic MUGA’ is an Artificial Grass sporting area, installed with:

Football Line Markings - we also offer a range of different sports markings, and bespoke markings!

Steel Sports Mesh Fencing - this is perfect for keeping the ball in this area and protecting others outside the MUGA.

Classic Goal Ends - simple and effective finish with back mesh to prevent the ball from rolling away.

And optional Viewing Benches - so children, parents or teachers can safely watch the fun sporting activities.

This school favourite can be tailored to suit a variety of ages via size, goal height and variation of marking options.

The Classic MUGA can be installed directly into an existing grass area or onto tarmac, and is available in a variety of colours!

Sports Grass
  • Soft & Safe for Children of all ages

  • Water free

  • Clean & virtually maintenance free

  • Lush natural green look all year

  • Eliminates grass and other environmental allergies

  • No harmful chemicals or pesticides

  • Cost effective, more productive use than real grass

  • SuperFlow Backing for Superior Drainage

Allowing you to maximise your outdoor play and learning areas.

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MUGA Installation

This video shows the process of our Classic MUGA being installed directly into and existing grass area.



  • Multi Use Games Area - 24m x 10m

  • Fencing and Goals - Overall Size - 24m x 10m

  • 2 Goal Recesses W:3m x H:1.1m x D:1m

  • 2m High Junior Sports Mesh Fencing with Access Gate in Black

  • Sports Surfacing
    Surface Area - 246m2
    14mm MultiPlay Sports Grass to be installed within new

  • This also includes a 10m x 1.2m pathway to link the new
    MUGA to your existing playground - Pathway to be installed with our Luxury 23mm Grass.

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