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Belbroughton Recreation Centre


We have recently completed this wonderful playground, after 5 years. We are thrilled to have been on this journey and are ecstatic with the result. Belbroughton took to Facebook to say... 'Getting the best design we could wasn’t easy. I’ve just looked back and we’ve reviewed nearly 25 designs over the course of the last 5 years. We’ve learnt so much! The brief from the village was to design an imaginative, interesting playground in the space available (pushing the boundaries out wasn’t an option) for children aged 0 to at least 12.

We had high expectations of our suppliers but many of the designs we got back were uninspired and boring. They were so similar to all the other playgrounds out there and we were determined to have something better. We did lots of research of playgrounds around the country, reviewed the designs with loads of kids and really pushed our suppliers to come up with the best possible design they could.

The Playground Company have been on the journey with us since the beginning and are the only ones who could meet the demands we put on them. Even when we had no money behind us they allowed us to challenge and push them to come back with better designs each time. They really helped us to design the best possible playground we could and we’re so grateful to them for their patience, tenacity and staying power!'

There is nothing more rewarding than creating something to put smiles on peoples faces. We hope the children enjoy this playground for many years to come. The money from Archie’s fund was used to create this magnificent tower at the end of the Clamber Stacks. It was designed by Archie’s brothers William and George, they did a fantastic job and they get to be the first children to play on it.

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