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Eye Chimes

Eye Chimes are easy to play and allow children of all ages to create enchanting music. These big, bold, beautiful bells have outstanding resonance, the bells produce deep tones which you can feel as well as hear.

The seven 100mm diameter aluminium bells range from 1.6m to 2.2m tall when installed and they can be installed in any arrangement.

Built with durable materials, designed to withstand tough environments, the centre post is strengthened and the outer tubes fixed using stainless steel security screws located top and bottom. Each bell is capped to prevent debris from entering the bell and dampening the sound.

Simple yet striking, these bells will bring an architectural feature to your outdoor area.

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Additional Information

Supplied with 1 pair of large beaters. Simple Assembly and Installation. Installed into Ground


Age: Suitable for all ages


Height: 1.60m to 2.20m

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