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Wildlife Totem

Fun interactive product that will bring life to the playground.

Featuring a height chart with tactile finger-trace shapes as well as an interactive Animal Sounds activity, the colourful Wildlife Totem allows you to discover how you measure up against a Penguin, Lion and more. Move on to learn what each animal sounds like by powering-up and pressing the human-powered, touch-activated Animal Sound sensors on the opposite side.
Made from tough, durable, and safe HDPE and aluminium, both of which are 100% recyclable. BS EN 1176 - Designed to British & European Standards.

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Additional Information

Multi-activity, double-sided play structure
Featuring tactile shapes
Electronic animal sounds
RotoGen human powered energy
You're as tall as a... height chart
HDPE and aluminium construction


2+ Years


1600 x 332 x 170mm