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Available: Diatonic Tembos, Blues Tembos & Pentatonic Tembos. The design of our Tembos is based on a group of instruments called ‘plosive aerophones’. To play a plosive aerophone, you simply strike the end of a long tube (traditionally bamboo) to give the air inside a bit of a jolt, this jolt then creates a vibration which makes a distinctive ‘boing’ sound as the air resonates within the tube. The length of the tube determines the pitch (how high or low the note is) and by making a set and varying the length of the tubes, you’ve created an instrument with a musical scale. We’ve ditched the bamboo and made the Tembos from stainless steel which we tune to the C-major pentatonic scale. A stylish support structure holds the six stainless steel pipes in a vertical orientation with the tallest standing over 3m in height, creating a truly visual and audibly stunning experience.


Suitable for All Ages 4+


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To view this products gaurentee click here: Unique Bluesy Sound. Diatonic Tuning - Quirky Deep Sounds. Vandal Resistant. Disabled access / ADA. Multi-generational. Tall and Intriguing. Accessible Play Equipment. Inclusive Playground Product.

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