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Soprano Quartet Ensemble

Soprano Quartet Ensemble

The Soprano Quartet Ensemble is easily our most popular ensemble and is the perfect choice for those projects where you need to squeeze the most out of your budget and create a resounding impact.

This mixed quartet of instruments comprises; our compact but punchy Cadenza, a small Babel Drum and Soprano Pentatonic Freechimes.

Spanning 2 octaves from middle C to C6, players will be making harmonious music together almost instantly. The ensemble also includes a pair of medium Congas to help keep a steady beat going.




Cadenza, Small Babel Drum and Soprano Pentatonic Freechimes.


To view this products gaurentee click here: All instruments sound great together Pentatonic Tuning - No Wrong Notes! Multi-generational Fun. Suitable for ADA. Accessible Projects/Parks. Suitable for Inclusive Playgrounds

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