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Playground Markings

Supply and installation of Playground Markings to existing tarmac area -
What's the time Mr Wolf?
4-Way Hopscotch
Active Zone Outline
Fitness Trail - approx. 106m to include - Hopscotch, Hop Lines, Left/ Right Foot Hop, 6 no. Solid Active People (Stretch, Hula, Jump, Spin, Hop and Skip), Crawling Line, Frog Hops, Circles, Colour Circles, Jump Side to Side and Jump Hurdles.
To include Red line to join all of the above together.

Thermoplastic Markings Specification
Available in a variety of colours.
The markings used are of a “Class A” road marking material.
Very high durability with complete colour permanence.
Markings laid onto an existing tarmac surface require a premium primer base to be applied ensuring the longevity of new markings.

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4 Years
* Prices may vary due to demand and supply.


Suitable for all ages.