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Hill Trail with Artificial Grass

Supply and installation of a Bespoke Trim Trail to existing grass area.

Trim Trail Includes:
On Slope: Rope Net Climber and Set of 7 Bank Stepping Logs with Rope Handrails.
HDPE Traverse, 1 No. Linking Beam, Log Net Climber, Twirling Traverse, Log Traverse, Stepping Logs 6, Duck and Weave, Zig Zag Bridge.

Trim Trail components available in wide variety of colours.

Installation of Luxury Artificial Play Grass and 25sqm of 40mm Shockpad
All play equipment is manufactured and installed in compliance with BS EN 1176

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Additional Information

* Prices may vary due to demand and supply.


Age: 4+


Approx. Trail: L: 30m W: 1m H: 2.4m
Trail Critical Fall Height: 0.6m:
Log Net Climber Critical Fall Height: 1.5m