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Gym Stations with Artificial Grass

Children's Gym Equipment
Supply and installation of Children's Gym Equipment to existing Grass area.
Includes the installation of Luxury Artificial Grass to surround the gym equipment to provide all year round access.

Double Slalom Skier
Double Health Walker
Waist Twister
Sky Stepper
Arm and Pedal Bike

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Additional Information

Double Slalom Skier:
L: 0.92m W: 0.85m H: 1.15m
Double Health Walker:
L: 2.01m W: 0.61m H: 1.17m
Waist Twister:
L: 1.18m W: 1.07m H: 0.65m
Sky Stepper:
L: 1.27m W: 0.58m H: 1.56m
Rower L: 1m x W: 0.7m H: 1.07m
Arm and Pedal Bike:
L: 0.98m W: 0.53m H: 1.1m
* Prices may vary due to demand and supply.


Suitable for users below 140cm - This equipment is designed for KS1 and KS2 children.


10 Year Product Guarantee Artificial Grass