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Butterfly Game Activity Station

The Butterfly Game Activity Station has a great combination of sensory, tactile, fun activities and puzzles to keep children entertained and engaged. Featuring a Mini Make it Rain, Tile Slide Butterfly puzzle, Maze Slider, Flower Explorer activity, 3 in a Row game, four colour tinted porthole windows and a metamorphosis activity where you flip the discs around to show the different states of 4 different creatures, like the butterfly which metamorphosis's from a chrysalis to the butterfly. All wrapped up in an eye-catching focal point in your play space.
Made from tough, durable, and safe HDPE which does not rot, split or delaminate.
BS EN 1176 - Designed to British & European Standards.

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Additional Information

Compact games and activities play structure
Features include Mini Make it Rain, Tile Slide Butterfly Puzzle,
Flower Explorer, 3 in a Row Game, Maze Slider
Metamorphosis flip-over activity discs
Four colour tinted windows
HDPE construction
Can be freestanding or secured with ground anchors
Supplied with post and ground fixing brackets


2+ Years


1082 x 1305 x 1308mm