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Remembrance Poppy: A Symbol of Sacrifice and Evolution

At The Playground Company, we believe that it is important to remember the sacrifices that have been made by those who serve our country. One way we can do this is by acknowledging the significance of the remembrance poppy.

The remembrance poppy has been a symbol of sacrifice and remembrance since World War I. Originating from the famous poem "In Flanders Fields," it has traditionally been used to fundraise for war veterans and their families. As the years have passed, it has evolved into a symbol for all those who have given their lives in service and sacrifice.

Remembrance poppies throughout the decades (Picture: Royal British Legion)

We recognise the significant impact of the remembrance poppy and the ways in which The British Legion evolved the symbol over the years. The remembrance poppy has seen various interpretations, expansions, and advancements. Including the white and purple poppies, each with their own significance. The white poppy, introduced in 1933, is an alternative symbol of remembrance, representing peace and non-violent struggle to honour the victims of all wars.

Purple poppies are worn to remember the animals who lost their lives in conflicts and to honour their contribution.

Over the years we have seen a few changes to the remembrance poppy; starting off in the 1920's, the poppy was made out of silk, wire and a semi-hard petroleum. In the 1940's it evolved to cardboard due to a scarcity in resources. 1967's poppy design was a mixture of plastic and paper. Now, in 2023, The Poppy Appeal introduced 100% plastic-free poppies to help reduce the amount of plastic polluting our environment and to encourage new generations to honour those who served – Lest We Forget.


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