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Product of the Week: Planters!

Explore the World Beneath Your Feet

In celebration of World Soil Day, our featured product of the week is the versatile and visually appealing Planters. Suitable for ages 2 and up, these timber planters offer a unique way to incorporate nature into your play space.

Single Window Planter:

The Window Planter takes exploration to a new level, allowing children to witness the fascinating world of plant growth above and below the ground. With domed windows students can watch what happens beneath the soil, such as seeds germinating making these planters a captivating topic of study.

Double Armrest Planter
Armrest Planter and Tranquil Benches:

Create a serene atmosphere for socializing with our Armrest Planter and Planter Benches. Accommodating multiple children, these benches not only beautify your playground but also provide a peaceful retreat. By integrating planters, you invite nature and wildlife into unexpected corners, welcoming a delightful array of creepy crawlies.

Tiered Window Planter for Sensory Gardens:
Tiered Window Planter

For sensory gardens, our Tiered Planters are a perfect fit. Keep different plants separate for various sensory experiences – one tier to taste, one to touch, and one to smell. Beyond the educational benefits, these planters also encourage healthy eating habits when growing fruits and vegetables. Additionally, they offer a peaceful sanctuary for children to relax, read, and escape noisy areas.

Square and Corner Planter Benches:

Square and Corner Planter Benches provide tranquil spaces for socialising and escaping the noise of the playground. Ideal for creating quiet reading or gardening areas, they serve as both seating and educational tools. These planters contribute to nature and wildlife conservation, functioning like fencing while offering seating all around.

Incorporate Planters into your playground for a harmonious blend of nature, education, and relaxation. Encourage children to explore the wonders beneath their feet, fostering a love for nature and a sense of responsibility for the environment.


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