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Playground Product of the Month

A new addition to our blog is our ‘Playground Product of the Month’, where we display a product that one of our colleagues has chosen. #PlaygroundProductOfTheMonth

This month, Jessica from the Graphic Design department chose The Playground Fort as the Product of the month.

We asked her to explain why she had chosen this product…

‘I particularly like this product as it looks stunning.
It has so many different elements, I want to climb on it myself!
I love how the design team included the large posts for den building, incorporating imaginative play along with physical play.
There’s a fireman’s pole, scramble net, dome windows and a slide… What more could you ask for?
I could definitely see little me running over to explore this, especially underneath, playing hide and seek, and tag.
I like how the surfacing compliments the Fort, with the moat and sharks swimming around below, it’s definitely something I would chose for my playground.’

We loved this feedback from Jessica! It’s fun to imagine what your younger self would like to see in a play area, and the memories and feelings that arise..

More about this product...

The Playground Fort is high level product, constructed with smooth, splinter-free play grade timber. It comes in eight different combinations, each with different features.


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