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10 Step process of getting a new Playground…

If you want to start the development of your playground, improve your playground, or just curious to see the process, here is a 10 step breakdown of Playground Installation.

Step 1 – Contact us

It sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? But this step is one of the most difficult for some… Before you contact us it’s good to have a plan of some kind in mind. If you would like some information on this, we have the perfect article for you read more.

Step 2 – Arrange a visit

Once you have contacted us, we will put all of the information into writing and pass it on to one of our sales team. Our team member will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time to come and visit the area that you would like to redevelop.

Step 3 – Site visit

What happens when we come to visit your school or nursery? It’s a nice, quick and simple process… We gather any extra information of your ideas, discuss this and make suggestions of what may benefit your playground. After the discussion, it’s time to take measurements and pictures of these areas so our design team have a clear image of your current play area.

Step 4 – Pass the information on

Once the sales team have gathered all of the material they need, it’s time for design! The sales team hand the information over to the design experts, who review the images, assess the ground, measurements and budget.

Step 5 – The design team come together

The design team discuss a plan, choosing products, surfacing and designing features to make the most of the available space and your budget. They take into consideration the age of the people using this area, special educational needs, and the areas of development you specifically would like to target.

Step 6 – Create an awesome design

Once the fabulous playground design is done, an item list with all the products and dimensions is created, ready for the next step. The design and item list is passed on to the final process of your dream playground…

Step 7 – Quote Team

The quoting team work through the items included in the design and produce the best possible price. The quote is carefully put together with all the products and surfacing information. I hope you’re ready to see your fabulous design…

Step 8 – Our design and quote are presented to you

It’s finally time… You get to see your new dream playground design and quote! The quote and design is presented in our online quoting system, which you can view as many times as you like, save or print.

At this stage, there are no obligations, so don’t worry! If you would like to change your design, simply lets us know and we will rewind back to step 4. But, if our design team have perfectly worked their magic, and you’re happy to proceed…

Step 9 – Accepting the quote and design

(and your dream playground)

Once we know that you are 100% happy with your design and quote, its time to accept your order. This is simple and easy, just select ‘place order’ in our online quote system.

Now the hard work is done. Pop the kettle on, sit back and relax… We will take care of all the hard work.

Step 10 – Once you order is placed…

Now that your order is placed, we will discuss the perfect date for installation (if we haven’t already). If the school is closed due to holidays, we will require site access either from the site manager, or we can let ourselves in – it’s totally up to what you’re comfortable with.

And finally, your dream playground will be installed, signed off and ready for the eagerly awaiting children.


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