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Night Match

At The Playground Company, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of products and services beyond what is displayed on our website. Our dedication to providing tailored solutions means that we can meet a wide variety of needs and preferences.

For a comprehensive overview of our offerings and to discuss how we can assist you, please contact us for more information and schedule a free site visit. We look forward to showcasing our full capabilities and finding the right solution for you.

3G In-filled Artificial Grass
3rd generation, 40-65mm in height, filled with specialist sand and topped with rubber crumb granules, designed to replicate the best quality natural turf in aesthetics and playability. The infill supports the blades, giving a consistent ball bounce and eliminates the risk of player injuries and abrasions of earlier astroturf. It is FIFA approved and accepted by the major governing bodies for some competition-level matches.


Silica Sand

Stabilizes and supports the system. Environmentally beneficial. Accounts for 70% of total infill weight.


Rubber Granule

Provide a softer surface and give bounce. Rounded granules resist floating or displacement in high-use areas. Environmentally beneficial.
Accounts for 30% of total infill weight.



Football. 40, 50 and 60mm height.


Made from polyethylene fibrillated fibres ideal if you are looking for a strong product on a budget. Developed for professional football and can be used for 5-a-side pitch, training pitch or multi-arena.



Football. 40, 50 and 60mm height.


Tufted, filled synthetic grass.

Made from polyethylene, monofilament fibres. This product has the characteristics similar to natural grass and provides players the comfort for playing the perfect match.


Camp Nou


Football. 45mm pile height.


This consists of straight monofilaments, characterised by a thicker central spine. It is a tufted synthetic grass on a draining backing support made up of a double layer of polypropylene coated with polyurethane. Filled with rubber granules to facilitate player traction and minimise the risk of injury.




Football. 65mm pile height.


This new fibre is equipped with a straight monofilament structure with a thicker central spine. It consists of a double layer of polypropylene coated with polyurethane. An artificial grass with firm, upright blades that enhances rebound, ball roll and resistance.

4G Non-infilled Artificial Grass

Non infill turf combines the newest and most revolutionary yarn and tuft design to create a high quality, low maintenance, football pitch of the highest standard. Laid onto a shockpad, it does not require sand or rubber infill which means less maintenance. Shorter blades make it ideal for multi-sport pitches, training pitches and smaller pitches such as 5-a-side.


San Siro

Football. A 24 mm artificial grass for football and rugby. Is made up of a combination of curled polyethylene monofilament and straight polythene fibrillated fibres. As San Siro does not need any infill, it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor pitches.



A 24mm artificial grass suitable for a range of sports. UV stabilised and extremely hardwearing whilst retaining the look and feel of natural grass. A state of the art non-infill artificial grass system makes it the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Other Sports Surfacing

We provide a variety of anti-slip, paint, and rubber spray options for tarmac courts, designed to enhance both the aesthetics and longevity of the surface. Our products not only come in a range of vibrant colours but also provide added grip and protection against wear and tear, ensuring a safe and visually appealing environment for players of all levels.


Poraflex® High Performance Porous Cushioned Acrylic


High quality rubber mat and specially formulated spray coatings resulting in a surface that has optimum cushioning with the added advantage of porosity. Poraflex® is free draining, therefore there is no water retention and the availability of courts throughout the year is greatly increased. As well as being extremely durable and resistant to wear, the cushioning effect will remain constant throughout temperature variations and over many years of use. Because the cushioning mat is prefabricated to a uniform thickness this will allow a true ball bounce on all areas of the court.

uniplay surfacing.jpg

Anti-slip paint and coatings

Anti-slip sports coatings are applied to a variety of sports courts, with a particular focus on multi-use sports facilities. These coatings are designed to meet the slip resistance requirements for the sports played on these surfaces. The most common type of anti-slip paint used is acrylic paint, which is typically applied to Type 1 and Type 2.

The surfaces are often line-marked for various sports, with specific colours used for different games.


Polymeric Type 3 

Type 3 has been designed to offer high slip resistance levels and is typically laid to a depth of 15mm in a two-part installation. Colour finishes are attained by using a coloured polyurethane coating. Type 3 Sports is porous and should be laid onto a permeable foundation.

With regard to estimating how long the surface will last before it needs patching, respraying or resurfacing, it is entirely dependent upon what use the surface receives. However, as a guideline, based upon our experience, we would expect a respray would be needed in about 2 to 3 years.


Polymeric Type 4

Textured Type 4 Surfacing is a porous resilient polymeric surface developed for use as a multi sport surface and suits a variety of games played at recreational level. It will meet the performance requirements classified by Sport England in conjunction with The Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA) as a Type 4 Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) Polymeric Surface.

Patterned rubber soled sport footwear for good grip is recommended. Do not use molded studded boots that can damage the surface.


Twin wire mesh fencing is considered to be one of the best solutions for a high security fence that is less dangerous to children and young people.

The most popular colour is green, however, we can provide twin wire mesh fencing in any of the standard RAL colours to make sure that your fence suits the surrounding environment. Other fencing offers available upon request.


656 Twin Wire Mesh

Heights: 1.8m, 2m, 2.4m & 3m


656 Twin Mesh is made up from two parallel 6mm wires running across one vertical 5mm wire. The apertures in the mesh are all the same size and are 200mm by 50mm . The posts are made of 60mm by 60mm box section steel which are galvinised and powder coated to a variety of colours as standard.


Twin Wire 868 Mesh

Heights: 1.2, 1.8m, 2m, 2.4m & 3m


The 868 twin wire mesh fencing is our heavy duty twin wire mesh system. It comprises of two horizontal 8mm thick steel wires that encompass 6mm thick vertical wires to make up the mesh pattern. This makes an exceptionally strong panel that is resilient to many different forms of attack and is exceptionally difficult to cut through.


Single and Double Gates

When you order your Mesh Gate you will be contacted by our manufacturing team to discuss the exact dimension of your gate,  we will discuss your requirements so you are sure that you get the gate you need to suit your purpose.


Chicane Entrance


A chicane is a permanent fence that allows access for pupils and staff, but not vehicles.


They help to keep the ball in play without the option to close or lock the gate. 



Pitch Divide Netting

Black UV resistant polypropylene netting with selvedged edges includes bottom band rope and lead line for ballast to reduce blowing in the wind. 2.0mm twine thickness & 50mm square mesh.

Pitch Divider Straining Wire - 4mm diameter mounted on metal post and connected to a manual crank to wind as necessary. Metal Dog Clips - 60mm plated steel dog clips used for hanging sports netting to tensioned wire.


Herringbone Drainage

Land drainage systems using perforated PVC pipes are crucial in preventing waterlogging and flooding in grassy areas. Different designs such as herringbone, linear, cross drain, and sump and pump systems efficiently manage excess rainwater by directing it to designated disposal points through the pipes placed in trenches. ​

Night Match


Sports pitch floodlights extend the playing time, allowing for more flexibility in scheduling games and practices. They also provide better visibility for players, officials, and spectators, creating a safer and more enjoyable environment for all involved. Additionally, floodlights are crucial for showcasing games, attracting larger audiences and increasing the profile of sports events.

Goal Recesses

Creating a goal recess to suit your school’s unique requirements has never been easier.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to develop a plan that addresses your specific needs. With years of experience in creating customised solutions for schools, we have the expertise and knowledge needed to help you achieve your goals.

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Senior Goal End

Goal opening in accordance with FA football guidelines.

Modular assembly/construction.

Reduced Installation times.

Requires little or no maintenance once installed.

Use of HD mesh panels ensures high resistance to ball impact


Options without Hoop

Goal opening in accordance with FA football guidelines.

Modular assembly/construction.

Reduced Installation times.

Requires little or no maintenance once installed.

Use of HD mesh panels ensures high resistance to ball impact


Standalone Basketball Unit

Includes hard-wearing, weather resistant HDPE backboard with basketball hoop.

Basketball unit mounted 9 ft from ground level to rim height; FIBA (International Basketball Federation) recommended rim height. Different heights available

Sports Pitch.jpg
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Multi Markings Playground Sports Turf Court.jpg

We also have a large collection of playground equipment for EYFS, Nursey and Primary Schools

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