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Customer Questionnaire 

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Pre-Installation Questionnaire 
The purpose of this form is to provide our installation team with as much information as we can to ensure the installation runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
Can you provide access to electricity?
Can you provide access to an outdoor tap/water point?
Can you provide toilet facilities for the installation team?

Would you be happy to take delivery of materials or a skip on the day before installation or the week before?

(If installation is due to start on a Monday, delivery would be on Friday. This ensures the team can get started on the installation straight away)

Do you require the area of installation to be cordoned of with Barrier Mesh? 

(If Heras fencing is preferred, we can provide this for an additional cost)

Please provide details of the most suitable location for a skip and/or materials to be delivered.

Would it be an option to gain access to the premises over the weekend or Bank Holiday if necessary?
Are there any parking restrictions we need to be aware of? (If yes, please provide details)

Please provide any additional information which may be helpful in relation to the installation: 

Thanks for sharing this with us!

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Download our brochure here...


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