Three Healthy and Easy Valentines Treats!


Yummy…. Jam Heart Sandwiches with Strawberries


Use a cookie cutter to cut out your yummy heart shapes (to add variety use different types of bread). Pick a red berry jam of your choice and spread a generous heart shape in the centre of the bread. Finish off your hearts with decorative red berries and enjoy! To add an extra sparkle, use a dollop of whipped coconut cream or dark chocolate sprinkles.



Mmmm… Pink Smoothies


Smoothies are simple, healthy and fun. There are a number of different combinations you can choose from! Let the children get involved and ask them to choose which fruits they would like.  Smoothies are most commonly made with unsweetened frozen fruit and can be made quickly by blending everything together. To create a vibrant valentine hot pink smoothie, use a splash of beetroot juice when blending. When choosing ingredients, pick reduced fat yogurts, unsweetened ingredients and sweeten your smoothie with natural sugars such as honey, vanilla extract or dried dates / figs.



Scrumptiouss… Pink Fruit Buffet


Make fruit fun! Put a twist on your fruit buffet with melon hearts, bowls and berry skewers.

Fruit skewers: Add some heart shaped fruit onto child friendly skewers (or lollipop sticks). Any combination of fruit can work! It’s a great activity to get the children involved.

Use the leftover melon rind as a fruit salad bowl, including the off cuts of melon. To create the Valentine red theme, here are some ideas: Cherries (seedless), Strawberries, Red/Black Grapes(seedless), Water Melon, Raspberries, Blue/Black Berries and Plums.





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