Invention of Swings

According to research, the first swing sets date back to as early as the 5th Century B.C. Greek artists known for vase paintings in that era have captured children and women swinging on swings.


Over centuries swings have been made out of many materials. Eventually, we began to design safer and more standardised swings in the late 1800’s. Backed by women and educators, there was a public outcry for safe spaces in which children could play during the day. Thus, the modern playground emerged.



Archaeological Museum in Herakleion. Woman sitting on a swing. Agia Triada, Late New Palace period ( 1450-1300 B.C. )

Girl on swing, Germany, 1941

Woman on a swing. Side B of an Ancient Greek Attic red-figure amphora, c. 525 BC. from Vulci, Italy, Louvre Museum, Paris



Swing Benefits for Children

swing frame children benefits artificial grass

Swinging is very calming for children to relax and have fun at breaktimes!


Swinging helps children to learn sensory integration. Sensory integration is the organisation of information and the interpretation of them by the brain functions. Sensory integration provides a foundation for more complex learning and behaviour that may be encountered in the future.


The back and forth motion of the swing can be both relaxing and exciting depending on the child’s play motivation. The sensations of flying and falling make swings one of the most popular pieces of equipment on the playground.


Whilst having lots of fun, children will be developing many skills. Swings benefit physical, social and cognitive development for children and can also be used in therapeutic situations. Physically, children develop gross motor skills, including locomotion, balancing, and body coordination. They also develop fine motor skills including hand, arm, and finger coordination, grip strength and circling motions of their arms and legs.

Easy to install and very beneficial to any playground, swings are always a great choice.





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