Playground Markings

We have a range of playground surfaces, each of which can be tailored by their design. Some schools require a plain and simple design while other want to use it as an opportunity to create different learning experiences.

Learning experiences are really important in our line of work. Creative play and opportunities for interaction will enrich children’s time at school or in their learning environment. The variations really are limitless.

Some of our designs include:

Snakes and ladders Counting games
Alphabetical designs Geography games
Multiplication games Target practice
Time telling Hopscotch
Shape sorting And many more…


Learning play

Playground snakes and ladders


 Playground safety flooring


Playground rocket

These are just some of the options available for playground markings. We urge our clients to make contact with us to find out what will be suit their design. It may be that they have an idea of what they would like, or it may be that they are willing to take our guidance. A combination of both usually helps to evolve some of the most special playground designs.

How Do You Decide?

Whether you are looking for an entire playground redesign or just adding to your existing playground, play markings can really add to your playground. You may have particular learning goals for spaces within your playground. Are these purely educational or are you looking to offer a play element?

It is also important to consider that your choice is age-appropriate for each of the children using areas. Take your time to consider this as the correct selection will ensure the longevity of the design.

We are happy to offer information and guidance as this is something we take great pride in. It is our responsibility to make sure the process of dealing with our Company runs smoothly. It is also important that you get the most out of your play space. Call our helpful and friendly staff today on 0800 975 5648.



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