Planning the Perfect Playground

Planning the Perfect Playground

First of all, planning a new playground is an exciting prospect! We have involvement in a large amount of work with schools. However large or small, it is imperative that the planning stage is carefully considered to achieve the best possible result.

Why Invest In A New Playground?

Besides the obvious fact that new playgrounds look great and are inviting for children, there are many reasons why new play equipment is a real investment.

– Children learn many life skills through play

– Children get exercise whilst playing

– New playgrounds offer a safe environment for play

– Playgrounds allow for children to combine physical and mental experiences whilst having fun

– A number of skills develop through play including social, emotional, physical and cognitave development

It is also possible that the children could have involvement in the planning process. Furthermore, it means they will have a real interest in the final result. It will allow them the opportunity to fund raise and work towards a target, if applicable.

What is our top tip for planning a playground? Our best advice is to take your time. Time invested in this process will inevitably produce a superior result. One that is tailored to your individual requirements and will satisfy the needs of the children using the play equipment.

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The Playground Company

Here at The Playground Company we are extremely passionate about the delivery of a service that is second-to-none. This ethos is used in absolutely every aspect of our work from customer service to installation.

We take safety very seriously and will support the planning stages to ensure that every element falls in line with our strict guidelines. As a result you can be confident about all aspects of our workmanship.

We will conduct a site visit that will allow us to examine the space available. We discuss information about opportunities and possible limitations of the job.

Furthermore, it may be that we are able to offer detail on products that will offer a further benefit to the end playground design.

If you are looking at the opportunity of installing a playground please feel free to contact our professional and friendly staff on 0800 975 5648.

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