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To get one step closer to your dream playground there are many options; the main one being fundraising. In order to achieve your goal there are a number of ways to raise money towards the school and bringing your goal ever closer.

Seasonal fundraising is always a great way to plan ahead and bring fresh fun ideas into the new school terms! For example activities such as a summer fair or a valentines disco. Planning events throughout the year is tricky as there are many areas to consider for each activity.  Follow these simple steps to making planning easier!…

1) Creating a yearly chart with all different types of holidays is a great starting point, this allows you to spread all the fundraising activities across the terms equally.

2) Using less known cultural holidays is also very effective and beneficial to children as it offers opportunity to learn something new. Its also great for parents as it allows room to potentially try new activities themselves. Ideas such as ‘Old New Year’ ‘Purim’ and ‘International Talk Like a Pirate Day’.

3) Once you have decided which holidays you wish to fundraise for, having a main person in charge is very handy. Leaving a lot of responsibility to a person or group helps to ensure that the fundraiser will happen. Its also a great opportunity to see who has the best ideas and who can raise the most money!

Date: 25/01/2017

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