Mossley CE Primary School

Our most recent project is nearly complete at Mossley CE Primary School. Ready for a splash of Playground Paint to be installed over the Easter holidays, the children just couldn’t resist getting stuck in!


This video shows the children excitedly exploring their new playgrounds. It really does mean so much to us when we get to see their excitement, running between all of the new playground equipment.

Why is play important?

Play works to offer children the opportunity of healthy emotional development. It is vital to neurological development in earlier years and offers a world of opportunities for older children. Parents often worry about the strains put on children in their learning environments. It appears that there is ever-increasing pressure for results and targets.

Playgrounds within schools offer a real break from this. If a playground is exciting and challenging, then children can get the most from their break time. They will engage in their environment and will undoubtedly find friendships in children they may not otherwise interact with. It gives them time to use other parts of their brain and to recover for the continuous daily challenges.


Local councils and parents feel really strongly about this. There are many ways in which school can apply for additional funding and parents are always eager to get on board when fundraising for such requirements.

Did you know…

We will help create your design. It is often a challenge to imagine what the area will look like with the new playground and equipment installed.

We offer a CAD service that provides you the opportunity to look at what your space can achieve prior to any work being done. This award-winning process is exceptional as it allows for tailored designs. Never has it been so easy to get the most from your new playground.

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