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There are many elements of our services that we take great pride in. We aim to offer support in creating and planning for the perfect playground. We put together this video that shows many aspects of our provision and playground planning.

It may be that there is playground equipment that you are unaware of. If this is the case it is our job to discuss all possible options. Are there any limitations to your proposed plans? These will all need to be discussed prior creating the final plans. Are there other elements that may work well together that you haven’t considered? Again, we are well-equipped to offer information and advice based on your budget requirements.

  Have You Seen Us?

We enjoy taking part in exhibitions all over the UK. This is our opportunity to meet new people and hopefully work with them in the future to improve their school playground spaces. Our exhibitions allow us to focus on bespoke and pre-built equipment.

Take a minute to view our video; seeing the information in a visual way is a great opportunity to gain inspiration and ideas. Let your children’s ideas run wild and allow them to gain social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. As the video states, your options really are limitless with The Playground Company.

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– Call today on 0800 975 5648; our friendly staff are on hand to help with your enquiries. We will guide you through the entire process.

– Contact us through our web chat; during office hours we are on hand to help with your questions online. If we are unable to offer this service, you are able to leave a message and we will get back to you.

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– Connect with us on any of our Social Media accounts; this allows you the opportunity to find out more about our Company and the services we offer.


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