Sensory Play

Sensory play and sensory activities are incredibly important!

Giving children the opportunity to venture outside is another element that will offer varied sensory experiences. It can also offer added gross motor movement. Children will enjoy varied sensory feedback from our huge range of play equipment.

Therefore, how can these be incorporated into your new playground?

Varying textures:

Textures provide a lot of feedback for children. Features of a playground can incorporate varying textures including smooth, rough, wet, dry, little, large, soft and hard. These ideas in a playground environment will allow kids to touch, manipulate and explore. Tactile elements offer interesting and intriguing experiences.


Different elevations:

This can be used in many different ways: if you are considering this but still require a level surface then different flooring types can be used to create a guide through sensory stimulation. We have recently used this idea in using artificial grass, pebbles, rubberised tarmac, and patterned blocks. These elevations are single-layered but will again offer interesting experiences for children.

This can also be used in the creation of multi-layer equipment. This will promote learning of balance and other motor skills. This will allow children the opportunity to gain new skills and increase their confidence when facing new challenges.


Don’t forget!

It is vital that children are offered the opportunity to improve their gross and fine motor skills. All of these can be taught whilst they are having fun.

Gross motor skills: incorporate play equipment that will promote movement and coordination. These larger movements are so important and enable children to develop everyday skills.

Fine motor skills: also recognised as dexterity involves smaller movements of hands and fingers. This ranges in complexity but will once again help children to develop important life-skills.

Each of the elements offer feedback and learning experiences for children. Not only this but careful consideration of play equipment and different layouts allow each child to enjoy their time.

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