The Playground Company take pride in delivering the best quality products and service at all times. However we do understand that from time to time the products do not last as long as anticipated. Therefore, product guarantees offer assurance to all of our clients.

Firstly, you will always receive product specific guarantees at the point of quotation. As well as this, all of our installed products come with our standard 12 month workmanship guarantee. As a result, below is a simple list of our current guarantees against any manufacturing defect.

Product Guarantees

product guarantees Manchester

All PGCO installations complete a comprehensive maintenance guide and a minimum 12 month workmanship guarantee.

Metal Products:

20 year guarantee against structural failure on galvanised steel

5 Year Guarantee on Powder Coating corrosion.


Timber Products:

10 year guarantee against structural failure and insect infestation.

NB: All of our timber is pressure treated play grade timber. This is a natural product therefore it is likely to move and split as the product matures.


Recycled Furniture:

10 Year Guarantee on all Recycled Furniture Products


Synthetic Surfaces:

8 Year Guarantee on all Artificial Grass Products

5 Year Guarantee on Wetpour Products

3 Year Guarantee on Bonded Rubber Mulch – Due to the way this recycled product is manufactured we cannot guarantee the colour fastness of this product.

1 Year Guarantee on Grass Grow through Safety Matting

Our guarantees do not cover any issues relating to subsidence caused by subsoil ground movement, shrinkage or flooding except for where our synthetic surfaces have been installed onto a PGCO Premium sub base.


Playground Markings:

All of our markings are installed with a primer to improve the adhesion to the existing surface.

5 Year Guarantee on all Thermoplastic Markings when installed on Tarmac

3 Year Guarantee on all Thermoplastic Markings when installed on Concrete

1 Year Guarantee on all Court & Playground Paints


HDPE Products & Play Components:

10 Years Guarantee on all HDPE products

10 Years Guarantee on all Shade Sail Fabrics

2 Year Guarantee against Play Component Failure. i.e. Steel re-enforced ropes, Springs, Swing components.

The above guarantees excludes accidental damage, general wear and tear, incorrect installation by non PGCO installers and vandalism.


Third Party Playground Inspections

Our play products and safety surfacing are designed and installed to BS EN 1176 AND 1177. Furthermore, we will rectify any defects within the guarantee period of the product. Additionally, this service is provided free of charge, should the play equipment or surfacing fail to meet these standards.

However, due to the increasing number of unregistered play inspectors we only recognise inspection reports completed by RPII (Register of Play Inspectors International, registered inspectors.

RPII inspectors have to have undergone training and examination or have been able to demonstrate the required experience and skills in order for them to be included on the register. Both ROSPA ( and The Play Inspection Company ( have registered inspectors with RPII and are able to provide further information regarding play safety and play inspection.

If you have any additional questions regarding our guarantees please do not hesitate to give us a call and a member of our team will happily assist you.

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