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Structures that offer shade are growing in their popularity.

They have become an essential piece of playground equipment this summer during the incredibly hot weather. There are many different options available for shading playgrounds, picnic areas and outdoor learning spaces.

Here’s why shade is important:

UV Protection

As carers for children it is our responsibility to limit their UV exposure. Some exposure is needed, but over exposure can be very dangerous. Shade structures, such as those available from us, offer huge protection against over exposure. This allows children to enjoy their outside playing space without being in the direct sun.

Preserving your Equipment

Direct sun exposure can be corrosive to your playground equipment. This can be seen in fading and breaking down of plastic equipment and wooden parts. Providing shade over such equipment will elongate its lifespan. Therefore, your play equipment will last longer and look much better.

Playground Shelters Playground Canopy








Protection from Danger

If there are metal elements on your playground, they are likely to get incredibly hot during the heat. Direct sun can make metal too hot to touch. This means the possibility that children could suffer harm or injury. Having shade over your outdoor playground equipment will prevent metal parts from overheating.

Full use of Equipment

Consideration of the sun is important. However, it is also vital to consider the opposite end of the spectrum. If a shade is installed over your playground, this space can still be used during times of rain and hail. This allows full use of the equipment and safe for all seasons.

These images show a couple of playground shading projects that we have completed recently. These schools felt it absolutely necessary to install sun canopies for their play areas. This meant that the children could make full use of the spaces during the heat.

Shelter for playgroundsPlayground shelter








Furthermore, it offered peace of mind that their children were safe during time of play. Call today to enquire on 0800 975 5648.

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