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Price includes delivery and installation.

Standard Learning Lodge with timber bench seating 2m x 2.1m = £1,995 + VAT

Mini Lodge with timber seating and central table 1.8m x 1.6m = £1,495 + VAT

Our team of highly skilled joiners will pre build this unit and complete any further work on site. The unit can be made to fit any sized area and is constructed with play grade quality treated timber which is planed and chamfered to reduce the risk of splinters. Our Lodges are perfect for children of all ages and will provide the perfect opportunity for outdoor learning activities.

Bespoke options available upon request. Offer ends 20th June 2019. Terms & Conditions Apply. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts offered by The Playground Company. The Playground Company reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.











Spring offers flyer: SpringOffersThePlaygroundCompany


























Yummy…. Jam Heart Sandwiches with Strawberries


Use a cookie cutter to cut out your yummy heart shapes (to add variety use different types of bread). Pick a red berry jam of your choice and spread a generous heart shape in the centre of the bread. Finish off your hearts with decorative red berries and enjoy! To add an extra sparkle, use a dollop of whipped coconut cream or dark chocolate sprinkles.



Mmmm… Pink Smoothies


Smoothies are simple, healthy and fun. There are a number of different combinations you can choose from! Let the children get involved and ask them to choose which fruits they would like.  Smoothies are most commonly made with unsweetened frozen fruit and can be made quickly by blending everything together. To create a vibrant valentine hot pink smoothie, use a splash of beetroot juice when blending. When choosing ingredients, pick reduced fat yogurts, unsweetened ingredients and sweeten your smoothie with natural sugars such as honey, vanilla extract or dried dates / figs.



Scrumptiouss… Pink Fruit Buffet


Make fruit fun! Put a twist on your fruit buffet with melon hearts, bowls and berry skewers.

Fruit skewers: Add some heart shaped fruit onto child friendly skewers (or lollipop sticks). Any combination of fruit can work! It’s a great activity to get the children involved.

Use the leftover melon rind as a fruit salad bowl, including the off cuts of melon. To create the Valentine red theme, here are some ideas: Cherries (seedless), Strawberries, Red/Black Grapes(seedless), Water Melon, Raspberries, Blue/Black Berries and Plums.





According to research, the first swing sets date back to as early as the 5th Century B.C. Greek artists known for vase paintings in that era have captured children and women swinging on swings.


Over centuries swings have been made out of many materials. Eventually, we began to design safer and more standardised swings in the late 1800’s. Backed by women and educators, there was a public outcry for safe spaces in which children could play during the day. Thus, the modern playground emerged.



Archaeological Museum in Herakleion. Woman sitting on a swing. Agia Triada, Late New Palace period ( 1450-1300 B.C. )

Girl on swing, Germany, 1941

Woman on a swing. Side B of an Ancient Greek Attic red-figure amphora, c. 525 BC. from Vulci, Italy, Louvre Museum, Paris



Swing Benefits for Children

swing frame children benefits artificial grass

Swinging is very calming for children to relax and have fun at breaktimes!


Swinging helps children to learn sensory integration. Sensory integration is the organisation of information and the interpretation of them by the brain functions. Sensory integration provides a foundation for more complex learning and behaviour that may be encountered in the future.


The back and forth motion of the swing can be both relaxing and exciting depending on the child’s play motivation. The sensations of flying and falling make swings one of the most popular pieces of equipment on the playground.


Whilst having lots of fun, children will be developing many skills. Swings benefit physical, social and cognitive development for children and can also be used in therapeutic situations. Physically, children develop gross motor skills, including locomotion, balancing, and body coordination. They also develop fine motor skills including hand, arm, and finger coordination, grip strength and circling motions of their arms and legs.

Easy to install and very beneficial to any playground, swings are always a great choice.





Sport Premium 2019

What happens to Sports premiums in 2019?

Primary PE & Sport Premium to Stay Doubled in 2019


It’s time to say goodbye to 2018. Fortunately, primary schools can look forward to a helping hand in 2019.

The government will continue to allocate PE and Sport Premium. Funding remains at the current rate, which is double the amount paid to schools in 2016. Although, we’re cautioning schools to expect increased spending scrutiny in the new year.

Due to recent controversies over misuse of funding, the Department for Education has promised more monitoring to ensure compliance with spending rules.


Is PE and Sport Premium Changing in 2019?

In 2018/19, most schools (dependent on size) are eligible for £16,000, with an additional payment of £10 per registered pupil. The first (and biggest) sum was paid in Oct/Nov 2018. The second payment will arrive in April/May of 2019. Schools are not required to do anything different at this time.

But don’t forget PE and Sport Premium comes with requirements. Schools must keep a record of purchases and ensure the money is used to improve PE and sports resources. It’s an important process!


Sport Premium 2019

How Should Your School Spend the Money?

According to, the premium is designed to increase, support and facilitate physical activity. Investments must build upon existing sports and PE provisions. They should not fill gaps in teaching and schools cannot use the money to deliver curriculum basics.

Keep this in mind when writing your spending report in April 2019. Government regulators are tasked with making sure funds get spent appropriately.

Consider 5 key objectives when spending the cash:

Ensure All Pupils Are Active in School

Promote & Celebrate Physical Activity

Offer Upskilling to PE & Sports Staff

Provide Varied Sports Opportunities

Increase Participation in Competitive Sport


We offer bespoke designs to suit your budget, whether it’s MUGAs or playground markings, we can design the play area you imagine!


Take a look at some of our Sports Products:

Muga’s & Goal Ends

Children’s Outdoor Fitness

Trim Trails, Tyre Parks & Tunnels

Playground Markings 

Trim Trails






St Mary’s Church of England Academy







After meeting with the staff at St Mary’s and discussing their ideas and requirements, we put together a free design and quotation to present to the school. We always encourage our customers to change their designs as they feel necessary. The first design isn’t always the final one.







During the summer holidays our talented installers were busy converting the chosen design into a real life play area.














The school chose colours for the pergola and recycled fencing, transforming the area into a colourful, secure setting the children can use all year round. The Pergola has a chalkboard and benches, creating a perfect teaching area for outdoor learning in the warmer months.









Case Study 










Working with the school our designers came up with an idea to make the most of the space occupied by tree trunks in the existing grass area. With the trees providing natural shelter and shade, we included an all-weather safety surfacing and tyre park ensuring maximum play value all year round. This has created a physical play zone to help develop coordination & balance, whilst also providing quiet seating for social interaction.













Structures that offer shade are growing in their popularity.

They have become an essential piece of playground equipment this summer during the incredibly hot weather. There are many different options available for shading playgrounds, picnic areas and outdoor learning spaces.

Here’s why shade is important:

UV Protection

As carers for children it is our responsibility to limit their UV exposure. Some exposure is needed, but over exposure can be very dangerous. Shade structures, such as those available from us, offer huge protection against over exposure. This allows children to enjoy their outside playing space without being in the direct sun.

Preserving your Equipment

Direct sun exposure can be corrosive to your playground equipment. This can be seen in fading and breaking down of plastic equipment and wooden parts. Providing shade over such equipment will elongate its lifespan. Therefore, your play equipment will last longer and look much better.

Playground Shelters Playground Canopy








Protection from Danger

If there are metal elements on your playground, they are likely to get incredibly hot during the heat. Direct sun can make metal too hot to touch. This means the possibility that children could suffer harm or injury. Having shade over your outdoor playground equipment will prevent metal parts from overheating.

Full use of Equipment

Consideration of the sun is important. However, it is also vital to consider the opposite end of the spectrum. If a shade is installed over your playground, this space can still be used during times of rain and hail. This allows full use of the equipment and safe for all seasons.

These images show a couple of playground shading projects that we have completed recently. These schools felt it absolutely necessary to install sun canopies for their play areas. This meant that the children could make full use of the spaces during the heat.

Shelter for playgroundsPlayground shelter








Furthermore, it offered peace of mind that their children were safe during time of play. Call today to enquire on 0800 975 5648.

We have been very busy recently designing and installing new playgrounds and it has been an incredibly exciting time.

These images show a recent installation we complete at Brereton Pre-School & Playgroup in Cheshire.

The Pre-School & Playgroup recently received a fabulous new Classroom and we had the privilege of creating a brand-new play space for the children to enjoy. This is a great example of the creative ideas available to a smaller play space. It proves that you do not necessarily need a huge space to produce an exciting and inviting playground.

This particular playground cleverly combined a track, play mirrors, games, astro-turf and learning spaces for the children. Wet pour, safety flooring was applied to the entire floor space. Safety is hugely important in any playground but never more relevant than in a pre-school environment. Safety precautions are also vitally important.

Do you have a small playground that you’re struggling to envision what it could look like with a new playground design? Find inspiration by looking through some of our recent playground installations and playground products.

New playground ideas

Here’s some tips:

– Tailor your ideas to suit the age of the children who will use the space

– Don’t be afraid be bold with colour; this itself provides learning experiences and excitement for children

– Always ask questions; whether this is in relation to floor coverings, playground equipment or shading options

– Try and create different spaces within the area you are designing; this keeps the attention of the children playing

– You can create small, outside learning areas with the clever use of equipment that can be doubled up as items to play with

We are truly passionate about delivering playgrounds finished to the highest quality. Would you like to request a quotation or discuss the options available for you?

Our helpful and friendly team are on hand to support you through the process of designing your new playground on 0800 975 5648. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our most recent project is nearly complete at Mossley CE Primary School. Ready for a splash of Playground Paint to be installed over the Easter holidays, the children just couldn’t resist getting stuck in!


This video shows the children excitedly exploring their new playgrounds. It really does mean so much to us when we get to see their excitement, running between all of the new playground equipment.

Why is play important?

Play works to offer children the opportunity of healthy emotional development. It is vital to neurological development in earlier years and offers a world of opportunities for older children. Parents often worry about the strains put on children in their learning environments. It appears that there is ever-increasing pressure for results and targets.

Playgrounds within schools offer a real break from this. If a playground is exciting and challenging, then children can get the most from their break time. They will engage in their environment and will undoubtedly find friendships in children they may not otherwise interact with. It gives them time to use other parts of their brain and to recover for the continuous daily challenges.


Local councils and parents feel really strongly about this. There are many ways in which school can apply for additional funding and parents are always eager to get on board when fundraising for such requirements.

Did you know…

We will help create your design. It is often a challenge to imagine what the area will look like with the new playground and equipment installed.

We offer a CAD service that provides you the opportunity to look at what your space can achieve prior to any work being done. This award-winning process is exceptional as it allows for tailored designs. Never has it been so easy to get the most from your new playground.

Have you got a question? Call our friendly staff today on 0800 975 5648.


    Double your chances of winning and enter both!

The Playground Company are always looking for ways in which we can support our community. We eagerly await our opportunity to help celebrate “World Book Day” each year and this year is no different.

Our Social Media accounts are a great opportunity to engage our customers and to win a chance of supplying a school of your choice with a Set of 3 Fire 7 Kindles “Kids Edition”. We are passionate about providing children with opportunities; to play, learn and have fun. This year’s competition is fast and easy to enter.

The Playground Company…

We are a family business in Cheshire with an ambition to improve children’s outdoor learning and play areas. The best way in which to achieve this is by establishing trusted and friendly working relationships. We tailor playground designs and offer high-level customer service.

Our Ethos…

As a company we know we have succeeded in our work when we see the children using and enjoying the new areas we have created. We take delight in being involved in this industry and will always strive to keep making the children smile.

From Martin and the team at PGCO Ltd

Have you got a question about playground designs or know of a school that is looking to update their playground?

We are equipped with a host of information on how this can be achieved and will lead you through the process of design. Our role is to enrich the lives of children.

Call today on 0800 975 5648 to request more information.


New Playground for Thelwall Infants

Part of our Company ethos is putting everything we have into creating beautiful, fun and safe playgrounds for children to enjoy. Additionally, the service that you receive with The Playground Company is second to none and this is based around or passion for what we do.

Each of our projects, however large or small, are created using our tried-and-tested process. This ventures into product selection, flooring alternatives and requirements of the site. Each element is examined so that we are able to support you in achieving the best results for your set budget.

These images show a project we recently undertook at Thelwall Infants School. When we first visited the play area was a good size. However, the equipment had been well used and needed updating. The colours had been bleached and the wooden equipment had lost its lustre.

Redesigning playgrounds
The Playground Company We got to work to build a new playground design that would:

– Encourage the children to play

– Test their abilities

– Support their outside play needs

– Encourage their learning through play

– Keep them safe

Our Transformation…

The second image shows the set of play equipment that we finally selected. This gave the children different areas and really made the most of the space available. Through the process of design, it is quite technical and thoughtful. However, once the installation process takes place, you can start to see the play area take place. Furthermore, it then allows you to envision the children playing and how much they will get from their new playground.

This was certainly the case for this project. The children were so excited to have the opportunity to play on the new playground equipment.

Are you considering renewing your playground area? Have you got a question about funding or are you looking for advice on how best to approach this? Call The Playground Company today to find out more. We have a brochure that will talk you through the process from start to finish. Additionally, we are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

new playground


Golden Mile

 Golden Mile

What is the golden mile?

“The Golden Mile is a safe, simple and measurable health & physical activity initiative accessible to all age groups regardless of ability.

We aim to inspire and encourage participants with a focus on fun, rewarding personal achievement, raising money and healthy competition.”


How can we help?

We install specially designed tracks for this activity to help schools create the fun, perfect outdoor setting.

When taking part in The Golden Mile, children will spend a period of time doing one mile of physical activity. This is completed by walking, jogging or running around a designated section of the playground or sport surface.


A great option for the trackway would be our Bonded Rubber Mulch. This is made up of shredded rubber which is bound together with binder to create continuous permeable surfacing. It can be supplied in different earthy colours including reds and greens.

This is a perfect specification as it’s comfortable for children to run on and it also blends in with the outdoor space. It can often be found in public parks on pathways because it’s durable and can withstand regular foot traffic.

Therefore it can be laid straight onto grass or muddy areas. It can be moulded into any shape to create a meander trail which fits around existing equipment or obstacles.


 Safe playgrounds
Another popular playground surface which may be installed is Wetpour safety surfacing. Available in a variety of vibrant colours it cushions children’s joints as they run to prevent injuries. In order to achieve the ideal solution for you it is important that you are equipped with details of a variety of products. Wetpour playground surface
 Alternatively our Self Binding Gravel Pathways are ideal for a lower cost solution.  Playground paths
All of these options can be offered Bespokely in order to meet your needs as part of a  FREE Site Survey and Quotation.
Call our helpful and friendly staff; we are happy to discuss the different alternatives available in order to find the best solution for your project.
 Contact The Playground Company



Playground Markings

We have a range of playground surfaces, each of which can be tailored by their design. Some schools require a plain and simple design while other want to use it as an opportunity to create different learning experiences.

Learning experiences are really important in our line of work. Creative play and opportunities for interaction will enrich children’s time at school or in their learning environment. The variations really are limitless.

Some of our designs include:

Snakes and ladders Counting games
Alphabetical designs Geography games
Multiplication games Target practice
Time telling Hopscotch
Shape sorting And many more…


Learning play

Playground snakes and ladders


 Playground safety flooring


Playground rocket

These are just some of the options available for playground markings. We urge our clients to make contact with us to find out what will be suit their design. It may be that they have an idea of what they would like, or it may be that they are willing to take our guidance. A combination of both usually helps to evolve some of the most special playground designs.

How Do You Decide?

Whether you are looking for an entire playground redesign or just adding to your existing playground, play markings can really add to your playground. You may have particular learning goals for spaces within your playground. Are these purely educational or are you looking to offer a play element?

It is also important to consider that your choice is age-appropriate for each of the children using areas. Take your time to consider this as the correct selection will ensure the longevity of the design.

We are happy to offer information and guidance as this is something we take great pride in. It is our responsibility to make sure the process of dealing with our Company runs smoothly. It is also important that you get the most out of your play space. Call our helpful and friendly staff today on 0800 975 5648.



The Playground Company Ltd

There are many elements of our services that we take great pride in. We aim to offer support in creating and planning for the perfect playground. We put together this video that shows many aspects of our provision and playground planning.

It may be that there is playground equipment that you are unaware of. If this is the case it is our job to discuss all possible options. Are there any limitations to your proposed plans? These will all need to be discussed prior creating the final plans. Are there other elements that may work well together that you haven’t considered? Again, we are well-equipped to offer information and advice based on your budget requirements.

  Have You Seen Us?

We enjoy taking part in exhibitions all over the UK. This is our opportunity to meet new people and hopefully work with them in the future to improve their school playground spaces. Our exhibitions allow us to focus on bespoke and pre-built equipment.

Take a minute to view our video; seeing the information in a visual way is a great opportunity to gain inspiration and ideas. Let your children’s ideas run wild and allow them to gain social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. As the video states, your options really are limitless with The Playground Company.

Contact Us:

We have a range of ways in which you can make contact with us. Select the best and most convenient way;

– Call today on 0800 975 5648; our friendly staff are on hand to help with your enquiries. We will guide you through the entire process.

– Contact us through our web chat; during office hours we are on hand to help with your questions online. If we are unable to offer this service, you are able to leave a message and we will get back to you.

– E-mail us on; we will respond to your enquiry at our earliest convenience.

– Connect with us on any of our Social Media accounts; this allows you the opportunity to find out more about our Company and the services we offer.



















The new way to view designs….

‘PGCO Explore’ is an interactive service which provides a fantastic link between our playground design specialism, CAD expertise and imagination. This 3D and augmented reality innovation is a first in outdoor play and you get take advantage of this service free of charge with everyone of The Playground Company Designs. It helps to bring your ideas designs to life and is perfect for schools, contractors, local authorities, landscapers and many more.

It allows you to overlay your personalised outdoor play model onto a real world environment using just the camera on your phone or tablet. Pick the ideal spot for your project, gather your audience, and start your augmented reality experience!

You can visualise, explore and present your 3D Playground Company model on desktop, mobile and tablet. You can even share instantly via text, email, social media or device-to-device. PGCO: Explore is flexible, fun and perfect for packed schedules.

We are constantly looking for ways in which we can make the process of selecting your playground design simpler and more fun. It is sometimes a real challenge to envision the end result, so we have found a perfect solution.

Why Is This a Good Idea?


It allows you to create ideas to scale. Very often we imagine how certain play frames will look and what other playground equipment could fit round it. While we create an image in our mind, it is not often to scale. This allows you to place items within the space that you have available and provides the opportunity of scale.


It also allows the opportunity of interaction and involvement. This forms a pivotal part of the process as we have discussed before. The greater the involvement in the process, the more children will get out of the finished result. They will be invested in the process so will place greater value on it and even the care of the equipment once installed.

Please contact us for more information and receive a FREE guide suited to you!

Contact us 





Guide To Using Your Sports Premium and Creative Ideas To Get Started!

This summer the UK Department for Education announced that all primary schools will receive an increase to the Primary PE & SportPremium. The additional funding essential doubles individual pupil funding allocations, with the intention that every primary school will be able to improve its PE and Sport provision. This is effective as of the 17/18 academic year, and the Government has pledged a commitment until at least 2020.


What Does Your School Get?

Schools with 16 or fewer eligible pupils will receive £1000 per pupil

Schools with 17 or more eligible pupils receive £16,000 and an additional payment of £10 per pupil

Payment mechanisms remain the same as the previous financial year and extra info regarding funding information, grants and more will become available during October 2017. But most of you will be asking, “what exactly can I spend this funding on?”

So, we’ve put together a handy guide on how you can use your additional money and what types of products tick those essential funding criteria boxes. Read on for the options that are available to your school.


The Funding Facts

You basically have 3 key areas to consider. Introducing new sports or activities, creating more extra-curricular activities and upskilling teachers.

You can…

Offer teacher training and to hire qualified sports coaches to work with teachers

Improve resources to help teach PE and sport more effectively

Introduce new sports or activities that encourage more pupils to get involved with sport

Run or extend after school or out of term extra-curriculas or sports clubs to support your least active pupils

Stage sport competitions

Organise inter-school sports activities

You can’t, as stated by the DfE..

Employ coaches or specialist teachers to cover planning preparation and assessment arrangements

Teach the minimum requirements of the national curriculum or, in the case of academies and free schools, teach your existing PE curriculum

To be eligible then, your school must implement ‘sustainable improvements to the provision of physical education and sport’. From the above we can see that schools have a lot of options open for funding allocation and what resources and programmes should be improved or introduced.

The DfE has advised that schools need to address the long term impact of improvements as a result of funding and ensure that future pupils will benefit too.


How To Effectively Use Your Sports Premium


Need some inspiration? Here are some ideas about how to make the very most of your Sports Premium with equipment from The Playground Equipment.


From goal ends to basketball courts, our MUGAs are ideal for staging competitions including with other schools, active team sports as part of lessons and extra-curricular activities that are accessible for all pupils. View our range here.


Outdoor Fitness

Support your less active pupils, help them engage with outdoor activity and put wellbeing at the top of the agenda with our outdoor fitness products. A great resource for supporting staff. View our range here.


Target Fun

Got some reluctant pupils who need a helping hand discovering sport, or want to encourage your class to get involved with something totally new? Our creative, dynamic games are perfect for introducing entirely different activities! View our range here.


Playground Markings

Makings allow your school to improve sports resources in a quick and affordable manner. They’re an ideal canvas for competitive team sport, inter-school events and engaging extra-curriculas, and help support staff in introducing new activities. View our range   here.


And remember, The Playground Company can personalise products and designs to the exact requirements of your school. To find  out more, get funding advice or requesta quote please call our friendly team 0800 975 564, or  email .




It’s that time of year when you are likely to have visited as many local playgrounds as possible in the aim of keeping your little ones entertained. The likelihood is that you will now know exactly what play equipment works for your kids and what doesn’t.

There are definitely pieces of playground equipment that are more popular than others, but all provide a diverse range of different learning experiences. This is why it is important to have a range of equipment that satisfies the needs of all children.

Either way play frames and play towers are certainly something to get excited about. The possibilities are endless and it is our role to guide you towards selecting one that is best suited for your particular playground.

Play Tower Cheshire We offer a huge range of high-quality physical play frames. These frames include climbing equipment, slides, swings, bridges, shelter and many more. These are usually the pieces of equipment in a playground that are flooded by kids. They are usually the one place where your child will have a real opportunity to gain social and emotional skills.

There lies the pressure in order to get it right. Don’t worry; that’s where we come in. The process from initial enquiry through to selection will run smoothly. We offer information and detail that allows our clients to make an informed decision.

You are even able to select a theme for your play tower, such as:

– Space

– Ocean

– Jungle

You are also able to select smaller and larger designs. Some of our more compact playgrounds select a single tower design. Whereas playgrounds with more space may choose a double tower design. Rest assured that whatever your selection that we will be able to create play equipment that will stand the test of time. All of this while providing children with a place to have fun.

Call us today on 0800 975 5648.

Incredible playground idea



In the press

We enjoy working along side schools to produce an area perfect for specific requirements and desires and constantly develop ideas which cater for these necessities.

For this project we focused specifically on stimulating individual senses. This means that the children could experience numerous feelings in many different ways whilst playing in the same play area.

The sensory path way designed specifically for Springfield School. The path leads around the play area with different play equipment surrounding it. With a musical area, bendy mirrors, sphere mirrors, a standing panel game, pergolas, a water wall, story telling area and a large play boat with wheelchair access the children are spoiled for choice!


Accessible playground launched

CHILDREN at a Crewe Primary School are enjoying a delightful new outdoor space thanks to their new sensory playground.

Springfield School in Crewe Caters for children with many complex special needs, who can now all play together thanks to the new playground which has been built by a local provider, The Playground Company, with financial support from the school’s charitable organisation, Friends of Springfield.

The sensory playground is particularly aimed at children with sensory needs, and includes things like a water wall, musical instruments, reflective mirrors, a pirate ship and a story telling area. However it has been designed with all of the children in mind, meaning it is accessible to the children who use wheelchairs as well as those who do not.

Head teacher at the school, Lisa Hodgkison, said: “We are delighted that with the support of Friends of Springfield we have been able to install our new sensory playground. We have worked closely with a local provider, The Playground Company to come up with an interactive sensory environment for pupils.

“One of the key features in the playground is our ‘bare foot walk.’ This is suitable for all children including pupils in wheelchairs. The path provides different sensory textures that create vibrations as wheel chairs access the path.”

Mrs Hodgikson said that the new playground had been kept a secret from pupils, meaning they were pleasantly surprised to see it when they returned from their Easter break.

She said: “They are enjoying exploring all the new elements in the playground and are also accessing the environment for learning.”



Have you seen out latest Competition?

A playground competition that is free to enter…

The Playground Company are giving you the chance to win a FREE prize for a school of your choice!

Click here to find out more…


Playground Competition

When child comes home from school relaying stories of their day, it is likely that most of these will involve the time the spent playing with their peers. Why not help them have an incredible play space that offers them the opportunity to use their imagination?

A lot is expected of our children in school time so it is really important that their play time is time they have to relax, have fun and takes their minds out of the learning mindset. There really is no better way to help them fuel back up for the remainder of their working day.


Sensory Play

Sensory play and sensory activities are incredibly important!

Giving children the opportunity to venture outside is another element that will offer varied sensory experiences. It can also offer added gross motor movement. Children will enjoy varied sensory feedback from our huge range of play equipment.

Therefore, how can these be incorporated into your new playground?

Varying textures:

Textures provide a lot of feedback for children. Features of a playground can incorporate varying textures including smooth, rough, wet, dry, little, large, soft and hard. These ideas in a playground environment will allow kids to touch, manipulate and explore. Tactile elements offer interesting and intriguing experiences.


Different elevations:

This can be used in many different ways: if you are considering this but still require a level surface then different flooring types can be used to create a guide through sensory stimulation. We have recently used this idea in using artificial grass, pebbles, rubberised tarmac, and patterned blocks. These elevations are single-layered but will again offer interesting experiences for children.

This can also be used in the creation of multi-layer equipment. This will promote learning of balance and other motor skills. This will allow children the opportunity to gain new skills and increase their confidence when facing new challenges.


Don’t forget!

It is vital that children are offered the opportunity to improve their gross and fine motor skills. All of these can be taught whilst they are having fun.

Gross motor skills: incorporate play equipment that will promote movement and coordination. These larger movements are so important and enable children to develop everyday skills.

Fine motor skills: also recognised as dexterity involves smaller movements of hands and fingers. This ranges in complexity but will once again help children to develop important life-skills.

Each of the elements offer feedback and learning experiences for children. Not only this but careful consideration of play equipment and different layouts allow each child to enjoy their time.

Do you need help with the design layout of your playground? Call our helpful staff today on 0800 975 5648 and we will help to create a design that incorporates all of the above.

Wray Common Primary School – Ship wreck

Lets Pretend…

We loved working throughout this project to produce a stunning area of play and imagination. The beach themed ‘Ship wreck’ was designed to transport children into a fun relaxed play environment and to offer somewhere much different to play. This area allows children’s imagination to run wild, offering chances to be pirates, mermaids and explorers. With plenty of soft play Sand to cushion any stumbles and a Decked area and Promenade to allow access for the new beach huts the area is very safe to play in. Bright colorful beach huts bring colour and joy to the area with many uses such as playground storage, outdoor shelter or even learning spaces. The solid beach huts are child friendly and ideal for the use of storage whilst the open sided beach hut is great for children of all ages and will create the perfect opportunity for outdoor learning activities.

The area offers plenty of opportunity for children to develop both gross & fine motor skills with Climbing Boulders, Scramble Net, Rope Ladders, Crows Nest, Cubby hole, Pull Up Ropes, Elevated Burma Bridge and a Lookout Area.










World Book Day Competition

The Playground Company would like to thank everybody who took part in our World Book Day Competition! We received over 1000 entries from over 150 schools around the Cheshire East and it was a very hard decision but the competition winners has been chosen.

Part of our work is to come up with ideas to inspire kids. A child that is inspired by their environment has the opportunity to thrive and will inevitably be motivated.

We hope everybody has a pleasant world book day and if you would like to send us pictures of your school in their costumes we would be happy to share them!

The efforts made from these children are incredible and it shows how important it is to involve them in all aspects in relation to their environment. Why is this important?

This is important because if they feel involved in the process of design and other elements of the decision-making process they will feel strongly motivated about the result. It will also help them feel a sense of reward which is a vital element of their learning. Furthermore, they will likely want to look after their play equipment.

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Conferences & Exhibitions

The Playground Company enjoy taking part in exhibitions all over the UK. We love having the chance to meet new people and hopefully work with them in the future to improve their school playground spaces.

We fully focus on both bespoke and pre built equipment to enhance children’s development in all areas possible. We enjoy having a good relationship with our clients and ensure to create a space where children can develop their skills and importantly have fun!

We are opened minded with specific desires and would work along side the school to produce a design with all the needed requirements for an affordable price.

We will guide you through the process from initial enquiry through to completion of the work and beyond. We work hard to build relationships with our clients that enable us to have lifelong involvement with their projects. Our work really does mean that much to us.

When meeting our team you will have instant assurance of this and we will always go the extra mile to ensure that your queries are answered comprehensively and promptly.

If you would like to receive an information pack with our catalogue and so much more do not hesitate to give us a call on 0800 9755 648.



Our Guide to Wooden Playground Benches

Considering playground seating offers the opportunity of creating a unique design.

We are able to offer a wide range of products that add another exciting element to your new playground. Here are just some of the options available to you –

A Tree Seat;

This is an excellent way of utilising a large tree that possibly cannot be moved during the installation phase. Much as, it may be that the tree has been selected to remain as a feature of the playground. Either way, seating can be built around the base of the tree which works to add further character.

A Story Telling Chair;

Especially relevant is that this feature can be used in order to promote outside learning. This is a beautifully handcrafted Storyteller’s Chair. It is constructed from chunky treated play grade timber in the style of a throne.

Picnic Tables;

This is a prime example of a product that can be tailored to your exact requirements. There are round picnic tables (available in different sizes), game top picnic tables and simpler designs of traditional picnic tables.

Factors that may dictate your selection may include: budget or space restraints. Either way it is important to remember that any playground design can be tailored to match your needs. Our approach is flexible and will adapt with your changing requirements.

Buddy Bench;

This design can be used in different applications. The term ‘Buddy Bench’ has been created in order to create a place where children who feel excluded can sit. If they feel in the need of support from their peers, the seating can be used in conjunction with a ‘Buddy’ system, if operated within the school playground.

Bench Seating;

Whether this is curved, straight or backed, quality is guaranteed. The highest-quality materials are used in every element of our products and designs.

The above information provides an insight into the extent to which playground bench designs can be tailored to suit your playground. They can offer characterful features whilst offering a practical solution. If you would like to find out more about playground benches please call today on 0800 975 5648.

Wooden bench



Wooden buddy bench






Perfect Playground Safety Surfacing

As with our other playground equipment there are different options available for playground surfaces. It is our responsibility to discuss these with you in order to select the most appropriate for your project.

These include:

– Artificial grass

– Rubber safety surfacing

– Bark and woodchip surfacing

What do you need to know about safety surfacing?

We offer assurance in that all of the safety surfacing that we install has been independently tested. This ensures full compliance with all necessary standards.

If you are selecting a surface for a play area then we always recommend that an absorbing safety surface is selected. This should be combined with a critical fall height of greater than 0.6 meters.

Why is this important?

This means that the installation of your play equipment is fully compliant with the necessary requirements. You will also have peace of mind that you have selected an adequate surface to keep your children safe. This is of utmost importance.

Other Surface Options

To offer a fully comprehensive service we also offer tarmac and block paving options. These options are available to help improve or repair your required space.

To take this one step further we also offer deep cleaning of safety surfaces. Over time any surface will experience usage and dirt build-up. This can become unsightly and will likely detract from the overall appearance of your beautiful playground.

Rest assured that deep cleaning of your safety surface is a fast and efficient service. The results are striking and the surface will be restored to looking like new.

Are you planning a playground or do you have a question about playground surfaces? Our helpful staff are available to discuss your options. It may be that you’re looking for a variety of surfaces to create your unique playground.

Call today to find out more; we are available to take your enquiry on 0800 975 5648.

Artificial Grass for playgrounds





Playground surfaces





wood chip surface



All You Need To Know About Trim Trails

Trim Trails are an exceptional way to create an exciting course for your playground. There are a lot of components that you can select to create a truly unique experience. The following information has been put together to offer guidance through the selection process.

Trim trail equipment offers children the opportunity of developing strategy skills to navigate their way around the course. It will also teach different techniques of balance and strength-building. All of this, whilst being great fun.

There are individual trim trail equipment available. This may be selected if your playground area is smaller of if you are looking to spread the play equipment through a larger area.

Custom trim trails, on the other hand, offer the opportunity of building a fun and challenging course for children to navigate. Some of our equipment includes:

– Rock walls

– Log climbers

– Rope walls

– Ladders

– Swings

– Planks

– Net climbers

– Bridges

– Steps

– Traverses

– Tunnels

This comprehensive list offers an insight into the options available. These can be used in conjunction with each other to develop particular skills. Or items can be selected that offer a complete contrast.

Whilst the options are vast; there is a lot of support available from our helpful team. We work with our clients in order to completely tailor the process. As with many other elements of playground equipment, an individual approach is vital to the overall success of the project.

What may dictate your trim trail selection?

The items available to you may be dictated to by your set budget. You may have a set budget for your playground project and an idea of how many pieces you would like within the course. If this is the case we will do all we can to achieve the best result for you.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with one of our advisors please call today on 0800 975 5648.












Do you want to get one step closer to a new playground?

Get your dream playground with these tips!



To get one step closer to your dream playground there are many options; the main one being fundraising. In order to achieve your goal there are a number of ways to raise money towards the school and bringing your goal ever closer.

Seasonal fundraising is always a great way to plan ahead and bring fresh fun ideas into the new school terms! For example activities such as a summer fair or a valentines disco. Planning events throughout the year is tricky as there are many areas to consider for each activity.  Follow these simple steps to making planning easier!…

1) Creating a yearly chart with all different types of holidays is a great starting point, this allows you to spread all the fundraising activities across the terms equally.

2) Using less known cultural holidays is also very effective and beneficial to children as it offers opportunity to learn something new. Its also great for parents as it allows room to potentially try new activities themselves. Ideas such as ‘Old New Year’ ‘Purim’ and ‘International Talk Like a Pirate Day’.

3) Once you have decided which holidays you wish to fundraise for, having a main person in charge is very handy. Leaving a lot of responsibility to a person or group helps to ensure that the fundraiser will happen. Its also a great opportunity to see who has the best ideas and who can raise the most money!

Date: 25/01/2017

Planning the Perfect Playground

First of all, planning a new playground is an exciting prospect! We have involvement in a large amount of work with schools. However large or small, it is imperative that the planning stage is carefully considered to achieve the best possible result.

Why Invest In A New Playground?

Besides the obvious fact that new playgrounds look great and are inviting for children, there are many reasons why new play equipment is a real investment.

– Children learn many life skills through play

– Children get exercise whilst playing

– New playgrounds offer a safe environment for play

– Playgrounds allow for children to combine physical and mental experiences whilst having fun

– A number of skills develop through play including social, emotional, physical and cognitave development

It is also possible that the children could have involvement in the planning process. Furthermore, it means they will have a real interest in the final result. It will allow them the opportunity to fund raise and work towards a target, if applicable.

What is our top tip for planning a playground? Our best advice is to take your time. Time invested in this process will inevitably produce a superior result. One that is tailored to your individual requirements and will satisfy the needs of the children using the play equipment.

Installing a playground Cheshire


The Playground Company

Here at The Playground Company we are extremely passionate about the delivery of a service that is second-to-none. This ethos is used in absolutely every aspect of our work from customer service to installation.

We take safety very seriously and will support the planning stages to ensure that every element falls in line with our strict guidelines. As a result you can be confident about all aspects of our workmanship.

We will conduct a site visit that will allow us to examine the space available. We discuss information about opportunities and possible limitations of the job.

Furthermore, it may be that we are able to offer detail on products that will offer a further benefit to the end playground design.

If you are looking at the opportunity of installing a playground please feel free to contact our professional and friendly staff on 0800 975 5648.

Climbing wall Cheshire

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